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The Relation of Hypertension and Kidney Disease

The hypertension is the main reason which can cause the kidney disease and renal failure (End stage of renal disease).For the hypertension can cause the damage of renal capillary to affect the filtration function of kidney,then it is hard t...Read More

The Clasification of Kidney Disease and How To Avoid Uremia

Ninety percent of patients will say that they are afraid of bad treatment and their condition will worsen and deteriorate to uremia. Not only in the renal failure of the kidney patients so say but also to people who have just discovered chr...Read More

Protein in Urine with Higher Serum Creatinine: What is the Alternative Way For One with CKD

Last week, a kidney disease patient called John consulted us a question about chronic kidney disease. He expressed that he is a three years chronic kidney disease patients with protein in urine and higher serum creatinine although he had ta...Read More

Serum Creatinine And Swelling Appear After Dialysis: What Should I Do

Recently, one of our website reader whose name is Bob left a message to us about dialysis. He consulted that he is a three years chronic kidney disease and since two months ago he began to dialysis once a week with the purpose of helping ki...Read More

Are There Any Remedies For CKD Patient With Foamy Urine

Chronic kidney disease as a common kidney disease features as some symptoms such like high creatinine, foamy urine and swelling. Usually, when people find there is foamy in urine, they begin to realize if something wrong in his or her body....Read More

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