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Swelling and Protein in Urine, Is It Possible to Lower Creatinine 2.7

On average, swelling and protein shows the kidneys have some trouble with filter the blood by rule and line. Also, it can be a behaviour of the developing kidney disease. While, is it possible to lower creatinine 2.7 with swelling and prote...Read More

How Can My Husband Get Recurrent Blood in Urine Cured

Visitor 11-06 20:21:38 Hi, doctor. I am asking for my husband who had blood in urine and was treated and it reoccurred and treated and right now it seems the same eventuality is coming up again but this time round with inflammation of the b...Read More

Would You Evaluate My Disease and Give Me Your Suggestion

I am sending my few reports to you attached to this email in pdf format. Please see if at all these are enough for your evaluation. There are still lot many reports, if needed will send. The doctor has summaried in her notes for Renal biops...Read More

Is There Any Natural Treatment to Creatinine 3.4 and Hematuria

Since the patients whose serum creatinine level is 3.4mg/dl have already at the stage 3 kidney disease, in which time the patients will have some discomforts, hematuria and edema, for an example. And then, is there any natural treatment to...Read More

Advise to Treat Creatinine 3.52 and GFR 14% as well as Diets

Guest 10-27 13:39:28 Patient of sugar and blood pressure, last year it was diagnosed that Creatinine level is at 2.86 and GFR was at 18%. From July 2016 to March 2017. But it has increased to the level of 3.52 now and GFR is at 14 %. Need y...Read More

How to Improve GFR in Nephrotic Syndrome with Creatinine 400

Creatinine 400umol/L can be an evidence of the kidney damage, in which situation the patients will experience many diseases. While, how to improve GFR in nephrotic syndrome with creatinine 400? What are relations among GFR, nephrotic syndro...Read More

How to Help My Mum in Kidney Disease with Functioning on 22%

Hi, doctor. My mum has kidney disease only functioning on 22%. No dialysis at min. On one steroid a day. But isn't eating and now said she feels very heavy and her bones hurt. She gets very breathless after walking a couple of yards. I don't...Read More

What are Natural Treatments to Stage 3 Diabetic Nephropathy

What are natural treatments to stage 3 diabetic nephropathy? I believe many patients want to gain the answer as the common treatments (dialysis and kidney transplant) are not good for diabetic nephropathy patients. Stage 3 diabetic nephropa...Read More

Is There Any Natural Treatment to CKD and Itching Skin

At present, more and more people including the young persons will be ill with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) as a result of the unhealthy living-style. The itching skin is a common symptoms of CKD, and it can lead to many discomforts. And the...Read More

What is Natural Treatment for Kidney Failure with Protein in Urine

Hi, I am a kidney failure patient. My creatinine is 7.1. The urine protein is 3+. The doctor advises me to start dialysis in the near further. Can the urine protein be reduced with Natural treatment? Why patients need a natural treatment? I...Read More