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Analysis Of the Physiological Function Of Renal Tubules

When an old patient actually had nocturnal enuresis and anemia , but at the time he only thought it was because of age. Instead, they have taken care of coronary heart disease for more than a decade and have taken Guanxin Pills all year rou...Read More

Is It Possible To Live Better For the Uremia Patients

The uremia means the end stage of renal disease, most patients in this stage have lost most the renal function and have to accept the dialysis treatment .The doctors in western medicine always tell them that their renal function will never...Read More

How To Treat the Nephrotic Syndrome With Creatinine 5.9

To a kidney patient ,the creatinine level 5.9 means his condition is on the stage4 of renal failure. The kidney cells have been damaged badly and lost more than half renal function, and on this stage kidney can not work normally to discharg...Read More

How To Treat the Hypertensive Nephropathy With 40% Renal Function In Natural Treatment

The hypertension is the common factor to cause the nephropathy , more and more hypertension patients are suffering from the renal disease. According to the gradation of hypertensive nephropathy , 40% renal function means the stage 3 of hype...Read More

Eliminate The Swelling For Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

Swelling is the main symptom to all diatetic nephropathy patients,but it is very hard to cure.The western medicine can only relieve it for a short time,only depending on the natural treatment with herbal medicine can treat it from root....Read More

How To Deal With the Swelling to Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

Only western medicine can relieve the swelling of diabetic nephropathy patients,but can not cure it from root,then depending on the reasonable diet plan and Natural treatment help patients repair the damaged renal cells and improve the renal...Read More

Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine Work Together to Control Uremia Well

NAJIYAH is an Uremia(End Stage Renal Disease)patient and accompanied by many other complications. She has been suffering from protein 9 years, elevated serum creatinine 5 years, this disease goes worse one weeks ago before she admitted into ...Read More

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