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Uremia with High Creatinine Got Controlled by Chinese Medicine

After admitted into our hospital, the test shown that his blood pressure has increased to 170/100mmHg,urine output decreased to 200ml/24h, BUN 56.7mmol/L, creatinine 2665umol/L...Read More

Adequate Dialysis Means A Lot For Uremia Patient

To be frankly, adequate dialysis means a lot for Uremia patient, although it cannot cure this disease totally, but it can help the patient have a better life...Read More

How Can Dialysis Treat Uremia

Uremia is also known as the end stage renal disease. It is the common clinical syndrome of varied end-stage renal disease. When people get renal failure, the kidney can not maintain normal work...Read More

Four One Chinese Traditional Treatment Help Uremia Patient Live Better

His lower limbs are swollon, Blood pressure 210/120mmHg, hemoglobin 87g/L, BUN25.2mmol/L, Serum Creatinine 1433umol/L, UA 359umol/L...Read More

How to Prevent Stage 4 Kidney Failure Slip into Uremia

How to prevent stage 4 kidney failure slip into Uremia ? Stage 4 is the advanced stage of kidney failure, with gradually loss of renal functions it will slip into the last stage of kidney disease(which is known as Uremia)...Read More

Chinese Medicines Help Uremia Patient Get His Disease Under Control

ZIBIDI is a Uremia patient from Tunisia, on August 15, 2015, he arrived at our hospital for further treatment. Before coming here, he has suffered from swelling on lower limbs 3 years, high creatinine level 2 years...Read More

How to Prevent Stage 3 Kidney Disease from Uremia

“My mother is suffering from stage 3 Kidney Disease, how to prevent her from Uremia ?” Uremia is also known as End Stage Renal Disease, which is a life-threatening disease...Read More

Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine Work Together to Control Uremia Well

NAJIYAH is an Uremia(End Stage Renal Disease)patient and accompanied by many other complications. She has been suffering from protein 9 years, elevated serum creatinine 5 years, this disease goes worse one weeks ago before she admitted into ...Read More

Uremia with high blood pressure can it be controlled well by Chinese Medicine

Uremia with high blood pressure can it be controlled well by Chinese Medicine ? Actually, yes, it can be controlled well by timely treatment of Chinese Medicine...Read More

How Long Can A Person Live with Untreated Uremia

How long can a person live with untreated Uremia ? Uremia also known as the End Stage Renal Disease, which is a life-threatening disease. Normally, patient will take dialysis or transplant to prolong their life span. But some of them do not ...Read More