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IgA Nephropathy with Renal Failure Can be Controlled Well by Chinese Medicine

Based on this point, our doctor made him a systematic treatment which is consisted of Hot Compress Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Medicated Therapy, Enema Therapy to protect the kidney functions...Read More

What Chinese Medicine is Effective for Treating Renal Failure

What Chinese medicine is effective for treating renal failure ? Currently, for treatment of renal failure in Western medicine are treatment of hypertension, detoxification, etc...Read More

How to Treat Obesity Caused by Renal Failure

Why kidney disease patients is a symptom of obesity? Indeed, patients suffering from edema, but not obese...Read More

What are the Main Symptoms of Renal Failure and How to Treat Them

What are the main symptoms of renal failure and how to treat them? In clinic, after kidney disease fall into the advanced stage, more than half of kidney functions have been lost...Read More

What is the Most Effective Treatment of Renal Failure in China

What is the most effective treatment of Renal Failure in China ? Chinese has thousands years of history in using herbs, it is well-known around the world...Read More

What is the Treatment in Renal Failure Except Dialysis

What is the treatment in renal failure except dialysis ? Dialysis as one of the common ways to treat renal failure, it can help patient live better by relieving those symptoms of kidney disease...Read More

Respiratory Signs in Renal Failure How to Treat It

Respiratory signs in renal failure how to treat it ? Chronic Kidney Failure is more serious than Chronic Kidney Disease. There are many complications with the development of Chronic Kidney Failure....Read More

Renal Failure Patient Has Got Complications of Dialysis What Treatment is Helpful

“I am researching treatment for mother in-law who has renal failure and is currently having complications for dialysis, i want to know what treatment is helpful for relieving those complications ...Read More

Is Acupuncture Helpful in Treating Renal Failure

Is Acupuncture helpful in treating renal failure ? Acupuncture is an essence part of traditional Chinese Medicine, just like Foot Bath Therapy and Full Bath Therapy it can not cure kidney disease by itself but it is helpful for removing the ...Read More

6 Measures to Delay the Progression of Renal Failure

Treatments for renal failure should aims at delay the progression of this disease and relieve those symptoms caused by it, the following are 6 Measures to Delay the Progression of Renal Failure...Read More