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FSGS Relapse after Taking Renal Transplant: Chinese Medicines Helps Me A Lot

10 years ago, edema appeared in my body, then the test shown protein 2+, occult blood-, but kidney function is normal...Read More

Chinese Medicines Help Diabetic Nephropathy Patient From Australia A Lot

Miller, now 45 years old, he is a bright and cheerful person from Australia. In the past 38 years he has been relying on insulin to maintain his life due to Diabetes...Read More

Kidney Failure Patient from Botswana Get A Chance to Get Rid of Dialysis

6 years ago, he got cold and then induced a series of symptoms, such as dizzy, headache, lower extremities edema. His blood pressure increased to 150/90mmHg, the test shown that hemoglobin 98g/L, protein3+, occult blood1+...Read More

Chinese Medicines Remove My 8 years Edema Totally

8 years ago, my blood pressure increased to 120/80mmHg, edema of lower extremities appeared. The test shown my protein2+, occult blood 1+...Read More

FSGS Relapse after Renal Transplant: Can Chinese Medicine Help Me

4 years ago, my disease went to worse, symptoms like anemia appeared one by one. Then, i made a decision to take renal transplant, but i never thought that 1 year and 3 months ago, my disease relapse again...Read More

Edema of My Lower Extremities Disappeared Only after 15 Days Treatment

I am ESSA, a 51 years old male. I never thought that the edema of my lower extremities will disappeared in such a short time...Read More

Kidney Failure Patient from Nigeria: My Creatinine Level Downs to 481 from 959

After 20 days treatment, the edema disappeared, her blood pressure downs to 130/90mmHg, blood test shown red blood cell count 4.75*1012/L, Hemoglobin 128g/L, serum creatinine 481umol/L...Read More

Chinese Medicine Has Good Effect in Treating Kidney Failure with Anemia

He has suffered from protein in urine 5 years and elevated serum creatinine 1 year. Before treatment his creatinine level once up to 204umol/L, the protein++, hemoglobin is 115g/L...Read More

Chinese Medicine Bring PKD Patient from Nigeria A New Life

Henry(nickname) who comes from Nigeria is a Polycystic Kidney Disease patient and now his disease has fall into Uremia which is the last stage of kidney disease...Read More

Chinese Medicines Help Diabetes Patient A Lot

My name is KAYODE, a 59 years old male from Nigeria, before coming to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital for further treatment i have been struggling from 7 years of intermittent waist pain and gross hematuria...Read More