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10 Years Proteinurine in Kidney Failure Disappeared

10 years proteinurine has disappeared, it is really a good news for FAHAD who is a 32 years young boy from India, before coming here he had taken hemodialysis 6 months...Read More

5 Years Discontinuity Lower Extremities Edema Disappeared after Taking Chinese Meidicne Treatment

PEDROMMOABI is a Chronic Glomerulonephritis patient who has suffered from Discontinuity lower extremities edema for 5 years. On April 20,2014 he came to our hospital for further treatment, after 42 days treatment, his overall condition got i...Read More

I am A FSGS Patient after Treatment My Protein Turns to Negative

ZUBAIR is a 41 years old FSGS patient, on April 10th, 2015 he came to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital for the first time to seek further treatment. Before coming here, he has suffered from proteinuria for 10 years and high serum creatin...Read More

High Creatinine Level Downs from 1254umol/L to 507umol/L

In order to save the transplant kidney he came to our hospital on February 19th,2014, after 25 days treatment, his overall condition got improved greatly, the high creatinine level downs from 1254umol/L to 507umol/L...Read More

Kidney Failure Patient from Libya Got Her Disease Under Control

K.ELDAERY is a 55 years old female from Libya, 5 years ago she got discontinuity fatigue with elevated serum creatinine, and one month ago her disease went to worse...Read More

Kidney Cysts with Creatinine 763 Can be Controlled by Timely Treatment

ASIRI KHADIJAH is a 40 years old kidney cysts patient from Saudi Arabia, before coming here she has suffered from discontinued facial and lower extremities edema about 22 years, serum creatinine level elevated 4 years and 9 months...Read More

Good Treatment Help IgA Nephropathy Patient Reduce Her Creatinine Level to 298

On October 23,2014 she came to our hospital-Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital for the first time to take systemic Chinese Medicine Treatment. Then, there is mild pitting edema in her lower extremities...Read More

Is It Possible to Control Kidney Failure with Creatinine 1397

ABDULLA ALI is a 27 years old male, before coming to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital for the treatment, his life was stumped in a vicious circle. In order to live a better life, he came here to accept the systemic treatment...Read More

Kidney Failure Patient with Atrophy Kidney Also Can Have A Quality Life

JEFREY GARCIA is a kidney failure patient from Philippines, before coming to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital for treatment, his kidneys goes to shrink. But after 22 days treatment, he has seen the hope of life...Read More

PKD Got Controlled by Chinese Treatments

SHAHEEN ARFA was a Polycystic Kidney Disease patient,there was a time he wanted to give up treatment...Read More