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Systematic Treatment Help Diabetic Nephropathy Patient Live Better

The systematic treatment in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital help a Diabetic Nephropathy patient from Filipino live a better life, he need not to suffer dialysis or renal transplant any more...Read More

Hot Compress Therapy Reduces the Creatinine Level to 400

This story is about a 58 years old man whose creatinine level has been reduced to 400 from 800 with the help of Hot Compress Therapy in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital...Read More

Choose the Right Treatment and You Need Not Worry About Your PKD Any More

He is a PKD patient from Bahrain, when he was at home, the cysts in right kidney ruptured, which lead to serious blood in urine...Read More

After Treatment His Creatinine Level Downs from 1337umol/L to 552umol/L

After 28 days treatment, his illness tends to stable. The edema on his limbs disappeared and creatinine level downs to 552umol/L, BUN 11.9mol/L, UA 214umol/L...Read More

You Need Not to Worry about Alport Syndrome and Kidney Failure Any More

This is a story about SYED IRZAMALI AAMIR NAQVI, he is a patient from Pakistan,after 42 days treatment, his disease got controlled well...Read More

Kidney Failure Patient Seen the Hope of Life Again

She is a kidney failure patient, due to the side effects of dialysis she ever wanted to give up treatment. However, his son insist to brought her to China to accept the Chinese Medicine Treatment, after some days treatment she seen the hope...Read More

Stage 4 Kidney Disease Patient with Creatinine 445 Avoid Dialysis Successfully

OH SOLOMON is a Korean but living in America now. His condition is in stage 4 of CKD. Before coming here his serum creatinine was 445, uric acid 517...Read More

Patient with Failed Transplanted Kidney Say Thanks to Chinese Medicine

Hamad is a patient with kidney transplantation, after the transplanted kidney went to failure, he came to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital to accepted Chinese Medicine treatment...Read More

Kidney Failure from UAE Got His Disease Controlled

Here I introduce another patient's case of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital to you, he is a 45 years old male, from UAE. Before coming here, he had received dialysis for a while...Read More

Chinese Medicine Help a Chronic Glomerulonephritis Patient Reverse His Disease

After taking the systematic treatment, his disease get reversed in some degree. The routine test shows protein-, occult blood-, serum creatinine 186umol/L...Read More