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Kidney Failure Patient Get Her Disease Under Control

6 months ago she began to nausea and her appetite decreased. Kidney function test shown serum creatinine 960umol/L...Read More

Kidney Failure Patient Find His Way Out Beyond Dialysis

3 years ago, his disease progressed into kidney failure, then he got more symptoms such as nausea. In order to relieve those symptoms, he began to take dialysis...Read More

Four One Chinese Traditional Treatment Help Uremia Patient Live Better

His lower limbs are swollon, Blood pressure 210/120mmHg, hemoglobin 87g/L, BUN25.2mmol/L, Serum Creatinine 1433umol/L, UA 359umol/L...Read More

Stage 5 Diabetic Nephropathy Patient Get a Chance to Live Better

After his disease turns to stable, he discharged from our hospital. Before leaving here, he said he will come here again to continue his treatment, because he knows that only Chinese Medicine can help him get rid of dialysis...Read More

Chinese Medicine Help Kidney Failure Patient with Atrophy kidneys Live a Better Life

According to his disease condition our doctor made a treatment plan for him,, which is Hot Compress Therapy(2times/day), Foot Bath Therapy(2times/day), Enema Therapy(2times/day), Oral Chinese Medicine(2times/day), Maikang Composition(2times/...Read More

Chinese Medicine Help FSGS Patient Live Better without Renal Transplant

In his local hospital the doctor recommend him to take renal transplant, but due to his bad disease condition, he cannot take it now...Read More

Chinese Medicine Help A Girl with Failed Transplanted Kidney Find Her Way Out

According to her disease condition our doctor made a treatment plan for her which included Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherpay, Foot Bath Therapy, Oral Chinese Medicine, Maikang Composition and blood purification Therapy...Read More

Chinese Medicine Can Control Diabetic nephropathy with High Creatinine Level Well

With the serum creatinine level downs to a lower level he need not to take dialysis or renal transplant any more...Read More

Chinese Medicine Has Good Effect for Treating PKD with Increasing Creatinine

After analyzed, our doctor made a treatment plan according to his own disease condition, which included the Top Seven Treatments...Read More

Top Seven TCM Therapies Help Kidney Failure Patient Get Rid of Dialysis Successfully

Seen from his story, we can know that with the help of Chinese Medicine, the kidney failure patient can get a chance to stop dialysis, at least they can reduce the times of dialysis...Read More