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Chinese Medicine Control PKD Well by Shrinking the Cysts on Kidney

There are some stones and cysts on his bilateral kidneys, the biggest cysts on the left kidney has reached to 44*45mm, and the biggest cysts on the right kidney had reached to 42*41mm...Read More

Four "One" Traditional Chinese Treatment Shrink the Cysts in PKD Succesfully

ABDURRAHMAN is a 57 years old man from Nigeria, he was diagnosed as Polycystic Kidney Disease 13 years ago,and 5 months ago his serum creatinine went to high that bothers him a lot...Read More

Four One Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Control Diabetic Nephropathy and Uremia Effectively

According to his own condition, our doctor made a treatment plan for him, which is consisted by Four One Chinese Traditional Medicine, with the help of those treatments his disease goes well gradually, all the symptoms got relieved greatly...Read More

Chinese Medicine Can Prevent Kidney Disease from Worsening Effectively

On September 25, 2015, she came to our hospital for the first time, then the test shown that his protein+-, occult blood+-, red blood cell 35-40/HPF, serum creatinine 143umol/L, uric acid 439umol/L...Read More

Chinese Medicines Can Control Nephrotic Syndrome Effectively

The patient came here with serious hypoproteinemia, hyperlipidaemia,mass albuminuria and very low immunity.After three times treatment, his disease gets controlled by Chinese Medicine...Read More

Chinese Medicine Together with Western Medicine Control Diabetic Nephropathy Well

NEHRU is a 52 years old male from Canada, he suffered from Diabetic Nephropathy for a long time, for further treatment he came to our hospital on October 2, 2015...Read More

Chinese Medicines Help Diabetic Nephropathy Patient Control His Disease Well

On 16th,September,2015, FULLA came to our hospital for further treatment. He is a 50 years old male from Tanzania. Before coming here, he suffers from Diabetic Nephropathy for a long time and always fell weakness...Read More

Chinese Medicines Reduces Dialysis Times from 3Times per Week to 1 Time per Week

With the help of Chinese Medicine his disease goes well, and the dialysis times has been reduced to one times per week from 3 times per week...Read More

Chinese Medicines Help Uremia Patient Get His Disease Under Control

ZIBIDI is a Uremia patient from Tunisia, on August 15, 2015, he arrived at our hospital for further treatment. Before coming here, he has suffered from swelling on lower limbs 3 years, high creatinine level 2 years...Read More

Father’s Day Wishes from an India Girl: Go Travel with Father

“My father’s disease goes well day by day and that is great news for my whole family. He really got a tough life in the past.”Briya said...Read More