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Creatinine Level in Kidney Disease Got Reduced from 1041 to 450

After three courses of hospitalization, edema disappeared, blood pressure stable, his power also increased, serum creatinine decreased to 450umol/L...Read More

Uremia Patient Got His Disease Under Control

Olita is a uremia patient from Africa, she has been on dialysis for one and a half years but didn't receive ideal curative effect...Read More

Diabetic Nephropathy Patient from America Seen the Hope of Life

SANTOS is a 66 years old patient from American, who has the diabetes history for about 20 years. She said that thanks to Chinese Medicine, she has seen the hope of life again...Read More

Diabetic Nephropathy with Creatinine 6.1 Got Controlled by Chinese Medicine

Kenny is a diabetic patient and currently his creatinine level went to high level, even over 6.0, what’s more, his kidney got shrink...Read More

Kidney Disease Patient Don’t Want to Take Hormone: What should I Do

When she new she need to take the hormone, she refused resolutely.She asked“ if i don’t take hormone, does that mean i have to take dialysis?”...Read More

Can Hypertension with Kidney Disease Got Controlled

Mark suffered lower limbs swelling at the end of May, he went to the local hospital diagnosed as hypertension with kidney disease...Read More

Can Lupus Nephropathy with Creatinine 700 be Controlled without Dialysis

This little girl is just 20 years old, what a beautiful age, however, lupus nephropathy attack her unluckily...Read More

13 Years Old Boy See the Hope of Recovery

Only after 10 days treatment, his overall condition got improved totally, all those symptoms got relieved...Read More

Can the High Creatinine Level in Kidney Disease Be Reduced

Before she came to our hospital, she went to her local hospital due to extremely fatigue and weakness. Her creatinine level has over 700umol/L...Read More

Kidney Failure Patient with Creatinine 890 Get Rid of Dialysis

On October, 5th, 2015, his creatinine level increased to 890 umol/L, besides that he suffered from many other symptoms, such as lower limbs edema. So the doctor recommended him to take dialysis...Read More