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Can IgA Nephropathy be Prevented from Reoccurrence

Haque is a yong man from India, unfortunately, he was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy 5 years ago...Read More

5 Years Old Kid with Nephrotic Syndrome Seen the Hope of Life

2 years ago, because of cough, he was taken to hospital for examination. Test reports shown that his urine occult blood was positive...Read More

Is there Any Alternative Choice for Kidney Failure Patient with Creatinine 1134

Hobin is a male from Canada,one month ago, his creatinine increased to 1134 umol/L. But with the help of alternative treatment of dialysis, his creatinine level downs to 190umol/L...Read More

Is Dialysis The Only Treatment for Kidney Failure

All those hospitals she went advised her to do dialysis. But she didn’t want to and persist in looking for the alternative treatment to dialysis until she found Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital...Read More

Kidney Cysts Can be Controlled by Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Seven years ago, Eileen was diagnosed with cysts on both kidneys. At first, she received treatment in her local hospital, but due to severe infection, she has to seek help abroad...Read More

Can Kidney Failure with Creatinine 1130 Got Controlled

On September 23th,2016, he came to our hospital for the first time. Then his serum creatinine level was 1130...Read More

Chinese Medicine Can Help Dialysis Patient A Lot

15 years ago, she got a fever and temperature increased to 39.5℃. So , she went to the hospital for treatment, then the doctor diagnosed her as SLE...Read More

Uremia with High Creatinine Got Controlled by Chinese Medicine

After admitted into our hospital, the test shown that his blood pressure has increased to 170/100mmHg,urine output decreased to 200ml/24h, BUN 56.7mmol/L, creatinine 2665umol/L...Read More

Through One-Month Treatment He Finally Avoid Dialysis

After one month, his appetite got recovery and urine volume goes up to 2000ml. The tests shown that, his creatinine level downs to 320, so he need not to take dialysis any more...Read More

How to Control 15 Years of Proteinuria and 8 Years of High Creatinine Level

GREGORIO is a kidney failure patient from Philippines, he had got proteinuria 15 years, high creatinine level 8 years. In order to live better, he began to take dialysis 4 months ago, but didn’t receive satisfied treatment effect...Read More