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A Successful Case: Chinese Therapies In Treating PKD

On February 6th, we were happy to receive the call from uncle Hassan who left our hospital one month ago. Uncle Hanssan is a PKD patient who has been defeated with this kidney disease for many years, and he went to our hospital two months a...Read More

Chinese Therapies Help Diabetic Nephropathy Patient Improve His Illness Condition

Diabetic nephropathy is a common kidney disease which is caused by a long-term uncontrolled diabetes. For diabetic nephropathy patients, they may suffer from some serious symptoms and complications, which will make them live in a poor life...Read More

Our Best Honor: 2013 Most People Rely on Specialized Subject Hospital

Recently, one of the biggest website in Chins, held China health annual festival. This festival is a super festival which can be regarded as CCTV Spring Festival Evening Gala in China, and the awards are appraised by all the net fr...Read More

Tang Junting: China's 2013 Annual Gold Physician in kidney disease hospital, China

In January 6, 2014, one of the biggest website in China, held 2013 Chinas annual gold medal award ceremony. In this ceremony, the director of Tang Junting in our kidney disease hospital had the honor to get 2013 Chinas gold physici...Read More

Christmas Party for Kidney Disease Patients in China

We held a Christmas party on Christmas Eve, and our kidney disease patients and their families and our medical workers had a great time on that day. In the party, the kidney patients shared their experience in treatment and their great impr...Read More

Patients with CKD Share The Therapeutic Effects of Chinese Medicines

So many patients with Chronic Kidney Disease comes from various countries to China, in order to treat their kidney disease and improve their overall healthy condition. To their exciting, they not only get obvious therapeutic effects and car...Read More

Say Goodbye to Dialysis

Can we get off dialysis? I believe all the kidney failure patients concern about this question, as it decides the future of life. Dialysis is helpful, but torturous. Also, patients survival rate decreases over time once they start dialysis....Read More

Hope Comes from A Letter for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Ladies and Gentlemen: It is unfortunate that we have Chronic Kidney Disease and we have to be faced by gradual kidney failure. The more unfortunate thing is that there is no specific medicine throughout the world to repair damaged kidneys c...Read More

Comments on Treatment Effects in Kidney Disease Hospital, China

Yesterday, a party was hold in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, China, as a patient will discharge from hospital today. In the beginning of this party, several patients shared their experience here and also they commended on the treatm...Read More

I Get My Kidney Function Improved Here: That’s Why I Come Back For Review

Patients Word: If Not Good, I Will Not Come Back Name: Ralph Kimbu Gender: Male Age: 50 Country: Papua New Guinea Diagnosis: Kidney Failure, Hypertension Ralph Kimbu is a patient of kidney failure who comes from Papua New Guinea. This is hi...Read More