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Sun Xincheng,M.D

1、Brief Introduction Now he service as the director and professor in The Third Hospital,HeBei Medical University. At present he holds the office of committee member in Chinese Medical Association,HeBei Endoscopic society and the editorial...Read More

Shan Hongyin,M.D

1、Brief Introduction At present,Shan Hongyin M.D is the leader of expert group and research group in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. Besides,he is also the deputy director of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Institute. 2、Primary Specia...Read More

Zhang Youkang,M.D

1、Brief Introduction Born on January 22,1946 in Ningbo,ZheJiang province,at present he holds the office of chairman in Beijing Medical Association Nephrology Society and the vice director in Chinese Medical Association Nephrology Society....Read More

Zheng Falei,M.D

1、Brief Introduction Born in January 1947 in JiangSu Siyang. In 1984,he joined jiusan Society. Once,he served as the director of urology department in Peking Union Medical College Hospital. And now,he takes the charge of the 11th Central...Read More

Latest Treatment for Lowering Creatinine 11.6 and BUN 74

If patients have Creatinine 11.6 and BUN 74,what does it mean?Can we lower Creatinine 11.6 and BUN 74?Follow our descriptions and find the answers....Read More

Can We Find Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in Singapore

We have many foreign patients in America.In the early period,they are always searching for Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in their near area.Finally they are all choosing to come to China?Can We Find Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in...Read More

Can Stage 4 Kidney Failure Patients be Cured by Some Effective Treatment

Can stage 4 kidney failure patients be cured by some effective treatment? This question comes from a patient with kidney failure stage 4. As we know, kidney failure is a kidney disease with the kidney function gradually failed to work. Kidn...Read More

What is the Life Expectancy if Kidney Failure Patients refuse dialysis with BUN 184

What is the life expectancy if kidney failure patients refuse dialysis with BUN 184? As we know, kidney failure means the kidney function is severely reduced, and in order to prolong the life expectancy, patients need to live on dialysis or...Read More

Is There Any Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Available in US

Patient: Doctor, I am in polycystic kidney disease stage 5, and from the last time I checked my cysts one was 10 cm, and the other was 13cm. And my creatinine is 4.3, GFR is 11%. I am looking forward for a transplant from my cousin. I get M...Read More

Are there natural remedies that will help control proteinuria and hypertension

Patient: My mother gets chronic kidney disease, and she has the symptoms of proteinuria and high blood pressure. Are there natural remedies that will help her control the symptoms other than dialysis? Doctor: hello, Im very glad that I can...Read More