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Sun Xincheng,M.D

1、Brief Introduction Now he service as the director and professor in The Third Hospital,HeBei Medical University. At present he holds the office of committee member in Chinese Medical Association,HeBei Endoscopic society and the editorial...Read More

Mao Yan,M.D

1、Brief Introduction She graduated from Medical College in LiaoNing Dalian in 1973. Then she had served in the PLA 27672 Hospital and Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in HeBei. And now,she is the Consultation Center director and...Read More

Shan Hongyin,M.D

1、Brief Introduction At present,Shan Hongyin M.D is the leader of expert group and research group in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. Besides,he is also the deputy director of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Institute. 2、Primary Specia...Read More

Will Kidney Failure Lead to Hypernatremia

Kidney has many unimaginable renal functions.As we all know,with the development of kidney failure,many patients may get serious complication.Will Kidney Failure Lead to Hypernatremia?and What should we do for hypernatremia in Kidney Failure...Read More

Kidney Failure:Treatment for Cough

With the help of kidney,our body keeps healthy condition.On the contrary,kidney failure may bring serious complications by damaging systems in our body.Many kidney failure patients suffer from cough.How does kidney failure lead to cough?and ...Read More

Kidney Failure:Treatment for Increased Acidosis

Without effective treatment and efficiency methods,many Kidney Failure patients have Increased Acidosis.How does the increased acidosis happen?and what should we do for Kidney Failure patients?Follow our descriptions and find the answers....Read More

Kidney Failure:Treatment for High Phosphorus

Kidney performs many tasks and is important for our body.Kidney Failure refers to serious damage to kidney and less remaining renal functions.High phosphorus is mainly caused by kidney failure.How does Kidney Failure lead to high phosphorus?...Read More

Is Lemon Juice Helpful for Kidney Failure Patients

Lemon Juice becomes more and more popular in people’s table.Is Lemon Juice Helpful for Kidney Failure Patients?and what should we do for Kidney Failure Patients?Follow our descriptions and find the answers....Read More

Chronic Kidney Failure:Will it Make you Sleepy

Chronic Kidney Failure has four stages.There are many causes for Chronic Kidney Failure.They are diabetics,high blood pressure,genetic reasons and so on.Many Chronic Kidney Failure patients feel sleepy.How does Chronic Kidney Failure lead to...Read More

How To Improve The Kidney Function Of Patient With Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is a stage that kidney loses its function partially or completely, and it is a very severe condition. Thereby, is there any way that is effective in improving patients kidney function? Kidney consists of nephrons, and there a...Read More