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Does the Kidney Shrink in End Stage Renal Disease

Does the kidney shrink in End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)? Kidney shrinkage is a medical term that is usually used to describe the condition in which kidney becomes smaller and smaller in size. Kidney shrinkage is an abnormal illness conditi...Read More

What Is the Prognosis with 20% kidney function

What is the prognosis with 20% kidney function? We are eager to know how long we can live and what kind of life we will live when we are diagnosed with incurable disease such as chronic kidney failure, as knowing the prognosis allows us to...Read More

Treatment That Can Reverse Kidney Failure

What is the treatment that can reverse kidney failure? Kidney failure is deadly and usually needs patients to take dialysis or kidney transplant to sustain their life. For people with failed kidneys, if they want to get off dialysis or avoi...Read More

How to Restore End Stage Kidney Function

How to restore kidney function with ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease)? I am sure all the patients with ESRD are interested in this topic, as only when kidney function is restored successfully, can they avoid dialysis or kidney transplant. Well...Read More

Is Stage 3 Kidney Failure Serious

Is stage 3 kidney failure serious? For people who have never heart about kidney failure, they may know nothing about the harm of this illness. Therefore, when they are diagnosed with kidney failure, they do not know if they need to be worri...Read More

How to Restore Kidney Function When Only 15% Left

How to restore kidney function when only 15% left? Kidney function refers to the state of kidney or how well it works. In our daily life, many illnesses or conditions can cause decrease of kidney function like Diabetes, Hypertension, certai...Read More

What to Expect with Kidney function 10%

Hey, thanks for leaving us message. We are so sorry to hear your son is suffering. How is his illness condition? Hope he feels better now....Read More

How to Cleanse Blood of Toxins from Kidney Failure

How to cleanse blood of toxins from kidney failure? It is a very hot topic among kidney failure patients as kidney is the organ that takes charge of purifying blood. When kidneys are injured and fail to function normally, toxins will accumu...Read More

My Dad Refuse to Receive Treatment with Kidney Failure

Patient: My dad has kidney failure. He is refusing treatment. What should I expect? Doctor: Hi, so sorry to hear your dad is suffering. You know kidney failure is deadly, so your dad must receive treatment for the safety of life. What is yo...Read More

Dialysis For Kidney Failure

Not everyone with kidney failure needs dialysis, only when ones kidney function is less than 15% or if one has severe symptoms caused by kidney failure like muscle cramp, nausea or vomiting, shortness of breath, his doctor will suggest lab...Read More