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I Have Pain at My Lower Back Is It A Sign of Kidney Problem

Many factors can induce back pain, kidney disease also can cause it. Then if people have pain at their lower pain is it a sigh of kidney problem ? ...Read More

Can Kidney Stones Cause Foamy Urine

Can kidney stones cause foamy urine ? For this question, the answer is yes, foamy urine surely can occurred in this disease. ...Read More

Can Kidney Disease Patients Take Chapati

Can kidney disease patients take Chapati ? Chapati is a common staple in many Asian country, especially in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan, the raw material is wheat, so it is safe to eat it. But as a kidney disease, you should pay spe...Read More

Creatinine Level Downs from 3.5 to 2.8 does that Means Kidney Disease is Reversible

Creatinine level downs from 3.5 to 2.8 does that means kidney disease is reversible ? In fact, Kidney disease can be reversed in the early stage with proper treatment, but you can not know whether it is goes well just from the creatinine num...Read More

Kidney Disease Patient Enjoy A Unforgettable Day on The National Day of China

Kidney Disease Patient in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital enjoy a unforgettable day on the National Day of China, this day is one of the biggest festival of our country. In this exciting time, all the patients and doctors are just like ...Read More

Kidney Size is Normal does that Means I have no Kidney Disease

If the kidney size is normal under the ultrasound, does that means the patient has no kidney disease ? Actually, it is not exactly. Some times, especially in the early stage of this disease, there is no obvious changes in the kidney....Read More

Is Kidney Disease with Creatinine 1.7 Reversible

Is kidney disease with creatinine 1.7 reversible ? In the past, kidney disease can not be reversed. But to date, with the help of proper treatment, this disease in the early stage can be cured. That means kidney disease with creatinine 1.7 i...Read More

Creatinine Level Increase from 1.5 to 1.7 does It Means Kidney Disease

Excluding all of those no-disease factors, creatinine level increase from 1.5 to 1.7 does means your kidney has damaged mildly and now you are in stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease....Read More

What Stage of Kidney Disease with Creatinine 11.5 in FSGS

It is known that Chronic Kidney Disease has five stages and creatinine 11.5 is higher than the normal level-1.3, it is in the stage of five. ...Read More

Kidney Disease Patient enjoy Ed al-Fitr in Shijiazhuang Kidney Hospital

Patients with Kidney Disease have a good day in Shijiazhuang Kidney Hospital on the day of Ed al-Fitr also known as Lasser Bairam, which is a big Muslim holiday. ...Read More