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What Is the Reasonable Treatment To Iga Nephropathy

Iga is a kind of immune disease and often affect your normal life when you have gotten it. The Iga nephropathy is caused by the deposition of immune complex in the kidney ,that can lead to inflammation reaction in kidney that will hurt the...Read More

How To Solve The Proteinuria In Stage3 Of Renal Failure

Commonly to say when the kidney disease develops to the stage 3 of renal failure the patients often suffer from the series of discomforts ,such as the proteinuria. Then how to do for the patients to relieve the proteinuria . Before solving...Read More

Is the Kidney Transplant the Only Choice For the IgA Patients

Except the kidney transplant the patients can have more choice to recover their kidney function and live the normal life again ,that is the systemic natural treatment researched by the experts in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional ...Read More

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