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Where do I Get Micro-Chinese Medicine for Hypertensive Kidney Disease

I am a patient with Hypertensive Kidney Disease. Where do I get Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy? Please reply with more helpful information....Read More

Serum Creatinine 6 in Hypertensive Kidney Disease Natural Treatment

Below you will find alternative and natural treatments for serum creatinine 6 in Hypertensive Kidney Disease. Read on to learn more....Read More

Can I Do Micro-Chinese Medicine at Home for ESRD from Hypertension

I am a patient with ESRD from hypertension and interested to learn more about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Can I do this therapy at home?...Read More

Kidney Failure from High Blood Pressure Alternative to Hemodialysis

In case of Kidney Failure from high blood pressure, patients are suggested to undergo dialysis when kidney function goes below 10% to 15%. While, is there any alternative option to hemodialysis?...Read More

How to Reduce High Creatinine Level 800 in Hypertensive Nephropathy

How to reduce high creatinine level 800 in hypertensive nephropathy? This is a question we received from our e-mail box, Hypertensive nephropathy is a common kidney disease which is caused by long-term and unwe...Read More

Health Care for People with High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease

As we know, high blood pressure is a common leading cause of kidney disease, and people with high blood pressure will suffer from high risk of heart disease. The kidney disease caused by high blood pressure is called hypertensive nephropath...Read More

Daily Care for Hypertension Nephropathy Patients

Hypertension nephropathy is a common kidney disease, which is caused by long-term unwell-controlled high blood pressure. For hypertension nephropathy patients, they need to have prompt and effective treatments to remedy their kidney disease...Read More

Hypertensive Nephropathy, GFR 59.5, Serum Creatinine 1.7

Patient: Hi, doctor. I was diagnosed with hypertensive nephropathy. And from recent renal scan report, my GFR is 59.5 ml/min/1.73m2, and my serum creatinine level is 1.7 mg/L. What is my condition now? Can it stop kidney progression here wi...Read More

Can Hypertension Cause Renal Failure

Can hypertension cause renal failure? The ideal blood pressure for people is at or below 120 over 80(120/80). Both low blood pressure and high blood pressure can cause health problems, so measuring blood pressure regularly is very beneficia...Read More

Herbs Help to Treat Hypertensive Renal Disease

Are there any herbs that can help to treat Hypertensive Renal Disease? Hypertensive renal disease refers to damage to the kidney due to long-term uncontrolled high blood pressure. In general, the higher the blood pressure is, the severer th...Read More