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Analysis of Hemodialysis To Kidney Patients

The incidence of chronic kidney disease in China is relatively high. The number of patients at the stage of advanced kidney failure requiring renal replacement therapy reaches 1.5 million to 2 million. This is a large number of uremic patie...Read More

What Is The Appropriate Diet For Hemodialysis Patients

When a patient develops to the end stage of kidney disease , he has to accept the dialysis treatment to discharge large quantity toxins from his body, and how to improve his kidney condition is an important thing to him and his family.Espec...Read More

Dietary Taboos For Hemodialysis Patients

Hemodialysis patients do not have a low-protein diet Some dialysis patients think that it is wrong to eat a low protein diet when doing dialysis. Because when dialysis is done, part of the protein will be lost with the dialysate, the patien...Read More

How Can I Control My Blood Pressure Well in Hemodialysis

Good morning, sir. I have been on dialysis for about 6 months. And my blood pressure is 90/160, which was 75/130 before hemodialysis. The medicine does not take any effects on lowering it. How can I control my blood pressure well in dialysi...Read More

Black and Blue Bruise in Arm after Hemodialysis: How to Deal with It

Black and blue bruises in arm after dialysis often occurs among the people who just start it. They are always confused and want to know the reasons. Then what are the causes of black and blue bruises in arm after Hemodialysis and how to deal...Read More

Why Hemodialysis Patients Need to Limit Their Potassium and Phosphorus Intake

Why hemodialysis patients need to limit their potassium and phosphorus intake? This is a common question for people with hemodialysis who need to limit their potassium and phosphorus intake. Potassium and phosphorus are two important minera...Read More

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