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The Symptoms of IgA Nephropathy And Nephrotic Syndrome

Many patients dont understand the Iga Nephropathy well, and that is a trouble to most of them, then we must know more about it and then we can find the appropriate treatment to improve the condition.Iga Nephritis ( IgA glomerionephritis ) i...Read More

The Clasification and Treatment of IGA Nephropathy

With urinary protein and creatinine, if you have the following three conditions, IgA nephropathy should be suspected: 1 The gross hematuria of the upper respiratory tract infection or the onset of tonsillitis occurs at the same time or in...Read More

Why Does the Hematuria Often Occur For the PKD Patients

To many PKD patients they often ignore the cysts when the size of cyst is small and no any other discomforts appear. But with the time goes by the cyst will grow up step by step. The local doctors often tell them no need to worry about that...Read More

Is There Any Natural Treatment to Creatinine 3.4 and Hematuria

Since the patients whose serum creatinine level is 3.4mg/dl have already at the stage 3 kidney disease, in which time the patients will have some discomforts, hematuria and edema, for an example. And then, is there any natural treatment to...Read More

Hematuria in Kidney Disease: The Causes and Treatment

Hematuria is a common symptom of kidney disease, it maybe accompanied by high creatinine level. Without good control, they may induce further damage to the kidneys...Read More

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