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Is Stage 3 Kidney Disease with FSGS Curable

Is stage 3 Kidney Disease with FSGS curable ? It is known that FSGS is hard to be cured, patient’s who don’t respond to steroid drug well are at high risk in getting Kidney Failure, so people are wondering if this disease is curable...Read More

How Can Chinese Herb Medicine Help to Cure FSGS

Chinese Herb Medicine can help to reverse FSGS by repairing the damaged renal tissues and improving the kidney function....Read More

Hot Compress Therapy for the Treatment of FSGS

In order to get the best curative effect, doctors decided to use Foot Bath Therapy, Hot Compress Therapy and Oral Chinese Herb Medicine together with Maikang Mixture for the treatment of FSGS....Read More

Ways to Reverse Stage V Renal Failure with FSGS

After getting diagnosed of Stage V Renal Failure with FSGS, patients often wonder if there are ways to reverse the kidney disorder. To help people who have doubt, we provide explanation in details as below. Hope it really helps! What does S...Read More

What Stage of Kidney Disease with Creatinine 11.5 in FSGS

It is known that Chronic Kidney Disease has five stages and creatinine 11.5 is higher than the normal level-1.3, it is in the stage of five. ...Read More

Chinese Medicines Lower Creatinine 2.7 With FSGS Patients

FSGS usually attacts adults.When occurring in adults,FSGS will bring much trouble for them.How does FSGS lead to Creatinine 2.7?How does Chinese Medicines lower creatinine 2.7 with FSGS patients?Follow our descriptions and find the answers....Read More

Zhang Dengxi,M.D

1、Brief Introduction Born in 1949,Zhang Dengxi is the ward director in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. And now,he takes office as the Deputy Supervisor of Kidney Disease Complications Group and the member of Nephrotic Syndrome Group...Read More

Mao Yan,M.D

1、Brief Introduction She graduated from Medical College in LiaoNing Dalian in 1973. Then she had served in the PLA 27672 Hospital and Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in HeBei. And now,she is the Consultation Center director and...Read More

Liu Luchuan,M.D

1、Brief Introduction In September 1975,he graduated from the Clinical Medicine of Medical Experts School. Then he successively worked at Wendeng First Peoples Hospital in WeiHai,Branch Courts of the Peoples Hospital in Wendeng and Wendeng...Read More

How to Prevent Kidney Failure for FSGS Patients

How to prevent kidney failure for FSGS patients? FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulous Sclerosis) is an abnormal kidney condition with the glomeruli are damaged. When the FSGS cant be treated effectively and promptly, patients will develop into...Read More