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IgA Nephropathy How Can I Slow Down My Kidney Failure With Medication

IgA Nephropathy is an autoimmune system disease. It relapses frequently. Nowadays the most effective treatment for IgA Nephropathy is Chinese medicine treatments. Follow us to see the details, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in fre...Read More

What Are The New Options For End Stage Renal Disease Patients In China

What are the new options for End Stage Renal Disease patients in China? You may think about Dialysis or Kidney Transplantation. In fact, with the development of Medical Technology, both of them are no longer the only treatments for you. Now,...Read More

Alternative Treatments Help Dialysis With Creatinine 7.36 Reverse End Stage Renal Disease

Please suggest Alternative treatments help dialysis patients reverse End Stage Renal Disease. The Patient is a woman, 55 years old, creatinine 7.36. The Doctors insist on Dialysis. It is in the hospital during the last six days. She had thre...Read More

Treatment for Controlling End Stage Renal Disease

In clinic, from the level of GFR we can know exactly which stage the disease is in. Once the GFR is lower than 15, that means you are now in End Stage Renal Disease and your kidneys have been damaged seriously...Read More

Stem Cell Therapy Can be Used for Treating End Stage Renal Disease

In general, dialysis and kidney transplant will be used for treating end stage renal disease. But actually, for ESRD patients, besides dialysis and kidney transplantation, they also can choose Stem Cell Therapy...Read More

How to Treat End Stage Renal Disease without Dialysis

How to treat end stage renal disease(stage 5 CKD) without dialysis ? Under normal circumstances, patients with end stage renal disease need to accept Dialysis to maintain their life....Read More

What Is the Recovery Chance of Stage 4 Kidney Disease

What is the recovery chance of stage 4 kidney disease ? you know,once inherent kidney cells are necrotic completely, we can do nothing to repair them. But that not means people can do nothing to improve their kidney disease function....Read More

End Stage Renal Disease with Terrible Bloating Can Dialysis Help Me

hi doctor, i am a End Stage Renal Disease patient and now suffering from terrible bloating, my doctor recommend dialysis and i want to know whether it can help me...Read More

Stage 5 Kidney Failure Life Expectancy

Stage 5 Kidney Failure is also known as the End Stage Renal Disease, after people fall into this stage, they will fell more uncomfortable. So some of them may wondering what is the life expectancy for them ?...Read More

Are Fennel Seeds Good for End Stage Renal Disease

Fennel seeds can be used as perfume and medicine, so it is loved by many people. Due to its good function in regulating the blood so it can help to cure End Stage Renal Disease in some degree. ...Read More

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