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Why Long Terms of Diabetes is Easy to Induce Diabetic Nephropathy

It is know that Diabetes is one of the mainly disease which can lead to Diabetic Nephropathy, so for people with long terms of Diabetes should pay attention to getting kidney disease. Then why long-terms of diabetes is easy to induce Diabeti...Read More

Letter of Thanks from A Person with Diabetic Kidney Disease

Although the traditional Chinese Medicine seems to be completely different from the medicine i know, but it certainly has its own way in improving the Diabetic Kidney Disease patient’s condition....Read More

Can Diabetic nephropathy be cured by Chinese Herb Medicine

Researches have shown that early diabetic nephropathy changes are reversible, that is mean this disease can be cured with timely treatment. Then, can it be cured by Chinese Herb Medicine ?...Read More

Foods to Eat with Diabetic Nephropathy and High Blood Pressure

Experts pointed out that diet is as important as the treatment in curing Diabetic Nephropathy, so we should pay special attention to it. ...Read More

Risk of Drinking Alcohol Weekly with Diabetic Nephropathy

For people who are in the early stage of this disease, after drinking too much alcohol will make the disease worse, even speed up the progression of this disease....Read More

Treating Cramp and Faint Caused by Diabetic Nephropathy

In clinic,Diabetic Nephropathy is always a intractable disease for its complex metabolic disorders.So it is necessary for patients to take effective and timely treatments to prevent the deterioration of renal lesions and protect their remain...Read More

What Precaution should Take in Food for Patient with Diabetic Nephropathy

Experts said that people with Diabetic Nephropathy should keep a low salt, low protein, low potassium and low sugar foods....Read More

Treat Malnutrition in Diabetic Nephropathy with TCM

Diabetic Nephropathy patients will suffer from malnutrition in their later stage. Here the article may can help you learn more about your kidney disease,and choose a better choice to slove their renal problem. ...Read More

Zhang Dengxi,M.D

1、Brief Introduction Born in 1949,Zhang Dengxi is the ward director in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. And now,he takes office as the Deputy Supervisor of Kidney Disease Complications Group and the member of Nephrotic Syndrome Group...Read More

Liu Dechang,M.D

He is in charge of the associate chief physician and the business controller in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital,Eighth Department. 1、Brief Introduction In 1982,he graduated from WeiFand Medicine College, and now he is the business co...Read More