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Creatinine Is Reduced from 244 to 177 with Chinese Herbal Remedy

Many diabetic nephropathy patients have been told that the creatinine level can not be lowered aside from dialysis or renal transplantation. But in fact, the patients can completely option effective measures to maintain their conditions and...Read More

Diabetes and Creatinine 373 What Should We I Do to Get Cured

Good evening doctor. I am diabetic for ten years. Now, my creatinine is 373 since three years. What should I do to get cured? Hello. Before talking about the measures to treat you, lets analyze your illness condition firstly. Creatinine 373...Read More

Creatinine 3.2 with 45% Kidney Function Can It be Reversed

Experts said that Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as a natural cure method, it can help to reverse the Diabetic Nephropathy by repairing the damaged kidney function. ...Read More

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