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Kidney Failure Stage 4 Due to Diabetes Can It be Healed by Diet

“My mom has kidney failure stage 4 due to diabetes, I want to know if she can heal her kidney by dieting and taking certain vitamins.”...Read More

Stage 4 Kidney Disease with Diabetes Is there Any Alternative Treatment of Dialysis

“My dad has stage 4 kidney disease, the doctor said it is caused by type 2 diabetes, He refuses dialysis.Is there anything new for treating stage 4 kidney disease ?”...Read More

Fish is Helpful for Reducing the Risk of Get Diabetes

According to the report eat more fish is helpful for reducing the risks of get Diabetes. Salmon, herring, and sardines are among good sources of omega-3 fatty acids that may help to reduce the risk of diabetes...Read More

Why Long Terms of Diabetes is Easy to Induce Diabetic Nephropathy

It is know that Diabetes is one of the mainly disease which can lead to Diabetic Nephropathy, so for people with long terms of Diabetes should pay attention to getting kidney disease. Then why long-terms of diabetes is easy to induce Diabeti...Read More

Are there any Solutions for Diabetic with Swelling Eyelids and Itching Skin

Are there any solutions for Diabetic with swelling eyelids and itching skin ? If you want to solve those problems, you need to know clear what are the underlying causes. Then take actions according to it....Read More

Diabetes with Creatinine 2.7 What does It Mean and How to Treat It

I have got Diabetes for 25 years, doctors recently found that my creatinine level is at 2.7 what does it mean and what kind of treatment should i go for at this time ?...Read More

Three Tips of Treating Diabetes with Kidney Disease

According to the research, Diabetes has become the top factors which can induce kidney disease, so the rate of people get Diabetic Nephropathy is increasing day by day. In order to help more people get out of this disease, experts give us th...Read More

Diabetes with Pain on the Back should Pay Attention to Chronic Kidney Disease

Diabetes with pain on the back should pay attention to Chronic Kidney Disease, that may indicate your disease is going to Kidney Failure. Then as a Diabetic how can you know whether you’ve got kidney disease or not ?...Read More

Off Dialysis How Long to Live with Diabetes and Kidney Failure

For patients with Diabetes and Kidney Failure, how long can they live after getting off dialysis? In the following article, let’s discuss this question and find the corresponding answer....Read More

Urea 113 and Creatinine 5.4 in Diabetes Natural Herbal Medicine

With the help of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, the high urea and creatinine level can be lowered naturally....Read More