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What Foods Not to Eat When Having High Creatinine

What foods not to eat when having high creatinine? To know well about the answer, we need to firstly understand what is creatinine and what high creatinine level mean. What is creatinine? Creatinine is a breakdown product of creatine, which...Read More

Is It Compulsory to Start Dialysis If Creatinine Level Has Reached 9.7

Is it compulsory to start dialysis if creatinine level has reached 9.7? T his question comes from a visitor of our website. He said his father is a patient of kidney failure. Latest test report shows serum creatinine is as high 9.7 and he w...Read More

Signs and Symptoms of High Creatinine Level

What are the signs and symptoms of high creatinine level? When creatinine level in blood is higher than the range 0.5-1.3mg/dL, we can say there is high serum creatinine level. Kidney disease is the most common cause for elevation of creati...Read More

Is Creatinine 7.3 Dangerous

Is creatinine 7.3 dangerous? If you are a kidney disease patient, you may find your serum creatinine is higher than the reference value and also, you may be asked to control your serum creatinine level tightly. Why is this? What does a high...Read More

Is Dialysis a Must for Creatinine 4.9

Creatinine is a breakdown product of creatine phosphate in muscle, and is usually produced at a fairly constant rate by the body. There are two sources of creatinine, one is the metabolite of meat we eat everyday, and the other is the metab...Read More

Natural Treatment for High Creatinine Level

What is the natural treatment for high creatinine level in blood? We all know high serum creatinine level indicates serious kidney disorder and in many cases, patients do everything possible to lower their creatinine level, as the higher th...Read More

Can Egg Whites Lower Creatinine and BUN level

Can egg whites lower creatinine and BUN level? When it comes to the food or diet for kidney disease patients with high creatinine level and high BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) level, egg white is usually suggested. Why is this? Can egg whites lo...Read More

How Can I Reduce Creatinine Level

How can I reduce creatinine level? When kidney function is impaired for some reason, kidney function decreases. As a result, creatinine level which should be kept in range 0.5-1.3mg/dL will increase. Serum creatinine level is an important i...Read More

How to Lower High Creatinine Level in Blood

Creatinine level in blood helps to decide whether a kidney failure patient needs to start dialysis or not. Generally speaking, dialysis is suggested when creatinine level increases to 5, so keeping serum creatinine level in a lower range is...Read More

Foods to Avoid with High Creatinine Level

A reasonable diet plays an important role for kidney disease patients to lower their high creatinine level, as some foods may accelerate their illness and further increase their serum creatinine. Well then, what are the foods to avoid with...Read More