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The Clasification of Kidney Disease and How To Avoid Uremia

Ninety percent of patients will say that they are afraid of bad treatment and their condition will worsen and deteriorate to uremia. Not only in the renal failure of the kidney patients so say but also to people who have just discovered chr...Read More

Is There A Cure to Intractable Proteinuria with Chronic Nephritis

Intractable proteinuria is a common clinical feature of chronic nephritis. However, it is very different to totally cure the intractable proteinuria for chronic nephritis patients. So that, is there a cure to intractable proteinuria with ch...Read More

How to Get Rid of Repeated Edema for Chronic Nephritis Patients

Chronic nephritis is a kidney disease in which there are inflammations in the kidney. What is more, the chronic nephritis patients have different injuries of the kidney. Usually, many chronic nephritis patients will suffer from repeated ede...Read More

How to Remedy Proteinuria for Chronic Nephritis Patients

Hello, doctor. I am a chronic nephritis patient. I am suffering from serious proteinuria. Can you help me? Please advise. Are you have the similar problem with the chronic nephritis patient? Do you also want to accept an effective treatment...Read More

How to Dispel Blood in Urine For Chronic Nephritis Patients

Chronic nephritis is a disorder due to the damaged glomerulus of the kidney. Its major clinical manifestations are high blood pressure, swelling, protein in urine and blood in urine. According to the clinical reports, many chronic nephritis...Read More

Creatinine is 6 with Chronic Nephritis What Treatment is Given

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy should be given to the patient with Chronic Nephritis and creatinine 6. It can help to lower the high creatinine level naturally....Read More

Liu Dechang,M.D

He is in charge of the associate chief physician and the business controller in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital,Eighth Department. 1、Brief Introduction In 1982,he graduated from WeiFand Medicine College, and now he is the business co...Read More

Shan Hongyin,M.D

1、Brief Introduction At present,Shan Hongyin M.D is the leader of expert group and research group in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. Besides,he is also the deputy director of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Institute. 2、Primary Specia...Read More

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