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Would Chronic Nephritis Cause Intractable Hematuria

For chronic nephritis, once intractable hematuria appears, they will have some troubles in daily life. Later, they are eager to know what induces intractable hematuria? Would chronic nephritis cause intractable hematuria? How to cure intrac...Read More

How to Deal with Blood Urine in Chronic Nephritis Patients

Chronic nephritis is a kind of inflammatory disease in which the renal cells and tissues are injured bit by bit. And then, blood urine will come out as the kidney can not reserve the hemoglobin in the body. So, how to deal with blood in uri...Read More

Chronic Nephritis and Blood in Urine, Need I Alert

For chronic nephritis patients, blood in urine will continue a long term and it is hard to cure thoroughly. Besides, the blood in urine usually do not lead to other discomforts. In this case, need the patients alert? No matter the patients...Read More

Chronic Nephritis and Creatinine 3.4, How to Remedy Blood in Urine

The chronic nephritis patients with creatinine 3.4 will have blood in urine, which will make the patients also be ill with other illnesses like anemia. While, how to remedy blood in urine for the patients with chronic nephritis and creatini...Read More

Is Hypertension A Dangerous Sign for Chronic Nephritis Patients

High blood pressure is a clinical performance of chronic nephritis. But, is hypertension a dangerous sign for chronic nephritis patients? For chronic nephritis patients, it is hard to cure the inflammations in the kidney. As a result, the r...Read More

What does It Mean If Creatinine Level is 6.8 in Glomerulonephritis

What does it mean if creatinine level is 6.8 in Glomerulonephritis? After getting asked about this question, we provide analysis as below....Read More

My Creatinine Level is 4.7 in Glomerulonephritis Is Dialysis Needed

My creatinine level is 4.7 in Glomerulonephritis, is Dialysis needed? To help individuals who have similar doubt, we offer the following analysis in details....Read More

Glomerulonephritis: Is Creatinine 5.4 without Dialysis Dangerous

In this article, let’s discuss this question, “Is creatinine 5.4 and Glomerulonephritis without dialysis dangerous?”...Read More

If Creatinine Level is 9.8 with Nephritis What should I Do

Hello, I am just looking for information. My creatinine level is 9.8 with Nephritis. What should I do? Please help!...Read More

Kidney Function 11% with Glomerulonephritis How to Avoid Dialysis

Some patients who have been diagnosed of kidney function 11% with Glomerulonephritis are trying their best to find ways to avoid dialysis. ...Read More