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Kidney Failure with High Blood Pressure How to Treat it by Chinese Medicine

Today, i will tell you a real story about a kidney failure patient who has got high blood pressure due to long-terms of this disease. After a set of treatment, her disease got controlled welL...Read More

Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine Work Together to Control Uremia Well

NAJIYAH is an Uremia(End Stage Renal Disease)patient and accompanied by many other complications. She has been suffering from protein 9 years, elevated serum creatinine 5 years, this disease goes worse one weeks ago before she admitted into ...Read More

Why Chinese Medicine Can Help Kidney Failure Patient Avoid Dialysis

Why Chinese Medicine can help kidney failure patient avoid dialysis ? Dialysis as one of the common cure for kidney failure can help people live better by relieving the symptoms, but it is known that this cure also will bring some inconvenie...Read More

Can Chinese Medicine Help Kidney Function Get Improve

Can Chinese Medicine help kidney function to get improved ? Actually, yes, if you can get the treatment properly and timely. There are thousands of herbs in Chinese Medicine and they can be used for treating many kinds of diseases...Read More

How to Treat Kidney Damage in IgA Kidney Disease by Chinese Medicine

In China we use Chinese Medicine to treat IgA Kidney Disease, it can prevent this disease from relapse. Then how to treat kidney damage in IgA Kidney Disease by Chinese Medicine ?...Read More

ESRD Patient Fail to Produce Urine Can Chinese Medicine Help it

By repairing the damaged kidney tissues, Chinese Herb Medicine can help to improve the kidney function. With the kidney function improved, the urine output will increase too....Read More

Kidney Failure with 26% of Clearance Want to Try the Chinese Medicine

We will use corresponding therapies according to the symptoms for patients with kidney failure and 26% of clearance ...Read More

Chinese Medicines Help Patients Overcome Dialysis

Name : PRIYANKA Gender : Female Age : 14 Country : India Diagnose : Chronic Glomerulonephritis,FSGS,Kidney Failure,Renal Anemia,Renal High Blood Pressure,Pericardial Effusion Brief Introduction of Patients Conditions She has edema in eyes a...Read More

Chinese Medicines Lower Creatinine 2.7 With FSGS Patients

FSGS usually attacts adults.When occurring in adults,FSGS will bring much trouble for them.How does FSGS lead to Creatinine 2.7?How does Chinese Medicines lower creatinine 2.7 with FSGS patients?Follow our descriptions and find the answers....Read More

Where Can we Buy Osmotherapy Equipments

As more and more patients know about osmotherapy equipments,Where can we buy osmotherapy equipments?Many patients are curious about this answer.Follow our descriptions and find the answers.If you have individual problems,click online doctor...Read More