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How to Improve The Prognosis of Purpura Nephritis

2013-09-06 19:09

The conditions of purpura nephritis patients vary from case to case, and the prognosises also have hug differences. What’s more, this disease is easy to relapse, which is painful to patients. Well, how to improve the prognosis of this disease?

The prognosis of Purpura Nephritis is related with patient’s age, patient’s clinical presentation and renal pathologic changes. For example, Children’s prognosis is better than adults. Patients who present as nephrotic syndrome usually have terrible prognosis. If the pathologic change is bigger, patient is more likely to have renal insufficiency.

Patients’ conditions are different, but there are some basic and common points that patients can follow to improve the prognosis.

Pay attention to your diet

Patients should eat foods that contain nutrition, especially foods that contain abundant vitamins, such as vegetables and fruits. In addition, foods should be favorable for digestion, and avoid irritant foods, because purpura nephritis patients have weak gastrointestinal system. At the same time, patients must be careful of anaphylactic foods, which can cause and aggravate purpura nephritis. The intake of Protein and sodium should be restricted, because these can aggravate kidney damages. And potassium and phosphorus may need to be restricted if necessary.

Develop Good lifestyle

Patients should have regular sleeping and diet, and have good rest. Remember to do exercise appropriately and regularly, which is helpful to enhance patients’ habitus. Remember to keep warm, which can prevent cold.

Keep good emotion

Patients should pay attention to the adjustment of emotion. Don’t be angry or irritable, which is harmful to your health. Patients should have confidence to overcome the disease, and keep a good emotion in any time.

Prevent infection

Except avoid anaphylactic foods and cold, patients also should find the allergen, and avoid being infected twice. The relapse of disease will worsen patients’ condition and infection is the leading cause of relapse of Purpura Nephritis.

These are some simple points are patients with purpura nephritis should care. Therapy is complex, and here we have not talked about it. If you have any doubt, you can contact us. We are willing to help you.

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