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What Should Purpura Nephritis Patients Care in Their Diet

2013-09-14 16:01

What should purpura nephritis patients care in their dietPatients with kidney diseases often have strict restrictions in their diet. As to purpura nephritis patients, this disease is a kind of anaphylactic disease, and gastrointestinal problems often appear. Certainly, the diet for purpura nephritis patients must have more restrictions.

Appropriate protein intake

Patients need to control the amount of protein appropriately. Edema and hypoproteinemia often occur in purpura nephritis patients, so enough protein must be guaranteed. If not, the immunity of purpura nephritis patient will decline, and in that case, patients are susceptible for infection. Besides, the condition of edema will aggravate. What’s more, there are eight kinds of amino acids that can not be compounded by our body, which must be absorbed from foods. Such as meat, milk, egg, fish, and so on.

On the other hand, because protein can produce lots of metabolic wastes, so too much protein will increase the workload of kidneys, which will cause more kidney damages. So the intake of protein must be restricted appropriately.

The intake of sodium and water

Purpura nephritis patients often have edema and hypertension. With these two symptoms, patients need to limit salt intake and fluid intake. How much water a Purpura Nephritis patient can drink depends on the specific illness condition, so patients may be allowed to drink different amount of water.

Avoid anaphylactic foods

Purpura nephritis is a kind of disease caused by anaphylactic substances, so anaphylactic foods should be avoided. Such as sea foods, chilli, scallion, caraway and dog meat, etc. These foods may aggravate patient’s condition.

Avoid fried foods

Purpura nephritis patients often have gastrointestinal problems, such as gastrointestinal Bleeding. Their digestive systems are weak, so foods which is not easy to be digested should be forbidden, especially fried foods.

There are many other aspects that patients with purpura nephritis should pay attention to, such as potassium intake, phosphorus intake, calory intake and so on. Here we are not able to write them down clearly. If you are interested in learning more detailed information, please contact us directly: kidney-treatment@hotmail.com

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