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Some Foods That Should Be Forbidden to Purpura Nephritis

2013-09-06 19:10

Some Foods That Should Be Forbidden to Purpura NephritisKidney diseases patients often have many restrictions in their diet. The restrictions are mainly about the amount of intake about protein, sodium, calcium and vitamin, etc. Right intake of these elements can help patients to protect their kidney function and overall health. But to purpura nephritis patients, their diets have great difference with other kidney diseases.

The difference are mainly caused by two reasons. One is Purpura Nephritis is caused by anaphylactic substances, the other is patients with Purpura Nephritis is easy to have gastrointestinal diseases, such as gastrointestinal bleeding. As a result, many foods are forbidden.

Foods that are anaphylactic

Purpura nephritis is caused by anaphylactoid purpura, and anaphylactoid purpura is caused by anaphylactic substances. So patients should avoid take foods which are anaphylactic in their life, such as mutton, sea foods, milk and caraway, etc. Certainly, If patients do not care this, the disease must will be aggravated.

Foods with many coarse fibres

Foods which contain many coarse fibres can harm gastrointestinal mucosas, and cause gastrointestinal bleeding. So foods like celery, rape, bamboo shoot and leek, and so on, should be forbidden.

Spicy foods

Spicy foods can cause gastrointestinal bleeding, or aggravate it, so foods like scallion, ginger, garlic and mustard, etc, must be avoided.

Greasy foods

Greasy foods is not easy to be digested, so they will increase gastrointestinal burden. Purpura nephritis patient’s gastrointestinal system is weak, so greasy foods may be harmful to them.

Intense seasonings

Intense seasonings are harmful to kidney functions, and it is irritant to our gastrointestinal system. So it is better for purpura patients to avoid these foods.

There are many other kinds of foods that should be treated carefully, such as fried foods, barbecue, animal oil,a and so on. These foods can also harm purpura nephritis patients.

Certainly, this article gives some basic points about purpura nephritis patients’ diet. Different patients also have different needs. If you have any question, you can contact us, our online experts are willing to supply you help.

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