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5.4 Creatinine Level in Purpura Nephritis How to Avoid Dialysis

2014-05-25 07:03

5.4 Creatinine Level in Purpura Nephritis How to Avoid DialysisI was told that I have 5.4 creatinine level in Purpura Nephritis. Could you please advise how can I avoid dialysis? Thanks in advance.” After getting this inquiry, we make detailed reply as below. Read on to learn more.

How are you? As you said, you have been diagnosed of 5.4 creatinine level in Purpura Nephritis. Please do not worry. We will try our best to share helpful suggestions to help you avoid dialysis.

With diagnosis of 5.4 creatinine level in Purpura Nephritis, you have developed into advanced stage of kidney disease with severe decrease of renal function. Left untreated or not controlled effectively, you will progress to end-stage renal disease wherein dialysis becomes necessary to sustain life.

Therefore, in order to stop the further aggravation of your disease and prevent dialysis, you are suggested to adopt prompt and effective treatment as early as possible.

To provide you with advice on the best treatment, you would like to know your detailed illness information. You can Email us at kidney-treatment@hotmail.com with your test reports or more disease description. After making a comprehensive analysis, we will reply you soon!

Generally speaking, people with 5.4 creatinine level in Purpura Nephritis have great hope to avoid renal failure or dialysis on condition that they can adopt systematic as early as possible. So far, the most advanced development in treating this kidney disorder is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is a kind of external application of Chinese herb medicine without side effects. If you are interested to learn more detailed introduction, please check Here. Then, you will have a better understanding about our featured therapy. Thanks for your time. Take care please!

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