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What Should Patients with Allergic Purpura Eat

2013-09-07 15:20

What Should Patients with Allergic Purpura EatAllergic Purpura is a kind of pathological changes which is caused by the allergic inflammation in blood vessels. It can cause many diseases in our body systems, and purpura nephritis is a significant complication of it. Patients with allergic purpura should pay much attention to what they eat, because their diet can affect their illness condition directly. Now, let’s have a look about what should patients with allergic purpura eat.

Avoid allergenic foods

Because allergic is a kind of allergic disease, patients with Allergic Purpura should avoid eating foods which is allergenic, as allergenic food can be a cause of this disease. Once patients find they have anaphylaxis to some food, they should stay far away from these foods. Besides, patients also should be careful about vegetables which have fresh bud, because pollen is a common allergen.

Have foods with abundant protein

Patients with allergic purpura run high risk for anemia which always brings them discomforts like tiredness, pale look, shortness of breath and sweating and so on. To relieve this condition effectively. Foods that are abundant in protein like meat, milk, egg, beans are needed.

Have foods with abundant vitamins

Vitamins are helpful to improve our immunity. Moreover, vitamin C can reduce the permeability and fragileness of blood capillaries, which is helpful for patients’ recovery. Many fruits and vegetables contain abundant vitamins, so eating them can be the best choice to gain vitamins.

These above are some basic points about the diet for patients with Allergic Purpura. Due to the difference of illness condition, patients may need to follow different dietary principles. Here we offer on-line service, if you are interested in learning more details about diet for allergic purpura, please feel free to consult our online doctors.

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