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Fruit Juice are Good for Patient with ESRD and Polystic Kidney Disease

2014-10-04 11:11

Fruit Juice are Good for Patient with ESRD and Polystic Kidney DiseaseAs we all know diet plays an important role in our daily life, if patients can have a fit diet that will be helpful for their health. Fresh vegetables and fruits are the best choice, but can patient choose fruit juice as one part of their diet ? The answer is yes. The natural fruit juice can be a good source of nutrition. For it has good taste and are easy to swallow so it is popular among patients. But everything has two side, if you drink too much juice that also will damage your kidney and make your disease worse.

Polystic Kidney Disease is a kind of genetic disease, if one of the patients has this disease, then their children will have half of the chance to get it. It is not easy to cure, most patients can live with it but can not get rid of it. So for parents if you want to control your baby’s disease, you should pay attention to every aspect of he/she.

Children with Polystic Kidney Disease and stage 5 CKD should drink enough water in their daily life, 4000ml if possible. If your child want to drink juice, lemon juice is the best choice. But that not mean they can not drink other juice, the only thing you need to do is control the volume of juice.

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