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What Are The Causes of PKD

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Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is known as a genetic kidney disease, and about 60% of PKD patients get this disease by gene, while we must notice that there are about 40% of patients who get this disease due to other ingredients. Well then, what are the causes of PKD?

Genetic inheritance

This is the most common reason, and the disease can be propagated to several generations in the family which has the abnormal gene. PKD is divided into ADPKD and ARPKD. ADPKD mainly appears in adults, and it is more common. ARPKD mainly appears in children, and most patients die soon after their birth.


Pesticides, chemical agent, pollutions and radioactive rays, which are toxic to our body, can damage our tissues and organs as well as kidney. Besides, these are also the main reasons of gene mutation, and changed genes may cause PKD.


Infections can change body’s internal circumstance, which may result in gene mutation. Then, the changed circumstance may lead to the onset or progression of PKD.

Unhealthy diet

Bad eating habits can cause many diseases. For example, if the foods are not clean, people may be infected, and if the nutrients are not balanced in one’s diet for a long period, his organs will be damaged.


People who have a busy work, and don’t have regular and enough rest, or people who suffer from huge pressure in their minds, are the group at a high risk of PKD.

There are many other factors that can cause PKD, but most of them are related to bad habits and terrible circumstance. So we should check our lifestyle and pay attention to our environment, and take measures to protect our health when we meet risky ingredients. Anyway, preventing is much better than therapy.

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