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Can the Nephrotic Syndrome Be Cured?

In case of nephrotic syndrome most of patients are confused about their condition,how does they get the disease and what to do for them at the next step? As a kidney doctor i will explain something about nephrotic syndrome for the patients...Read More

The Liver Deficiency Can Cause Kidney Deficiency

Nowadays more and more foreign patients are interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine ,and most of them can not understand the principle of TCM therapy, then I will explain it to you as following. Yin deficiency of liver and kidney : Hypoc...Read More

TCM Is the More Effective Treatment Than Western Medicine

The Nephrotic syndrome is the common disease in all kinds of kidney disease ,and the proteinuria and hematuria is the typical symptom of Nephrotic syndrome, the patients often take some western medicines to relieve and proteinuria and hemat...Read More

How To Stop Nephrotic Syndrome Develop Into End Stage Renal Disease

No one treatment can cure nephrotic syndrome, patients will develop into End Stage Renal Disease with uncontrolled illness conditions. So how to stop the progression of nephrotic syndrome is very important to prolong life expectancy. Followi...Read More

Children’s Cold Causing Nephrotic Syndrome

The nephrotic syndrome is the common disease in children for the easy infection , because the childrens immune system is not so strong that it is easy to be infected by the bacteria and virus. At the same time many parents often ignore the...Read More

How To Treat Occult Blood Caused By Renal Cysts

To most nephrosis syndrome patients the occult blood is the commone symptom in the course of treatment ,and this will lead to the anemia and weakness ,easy to make some damage to their health. How to treat occult blood caused by renal cysts...Read More

How To Treat the Nephrotic Syndrome With Creatinine 5.9

To a kidney patient ,the creatinine level 5.9 means his condition is on the stage4 of renal failure. The kidney cells have been damaged badly and lost more than half renal function, and on this stage kidney can not work normally to discharg...Read More

Chinese Herbal Medicines Help Avoid The Relapse of Nephrotic Syndrome With Creatinine 2.8

It is common to see Proteinuria, Hematuria, swelling, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc. In most conditions, the symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome can be controlled by western medicine, illness conditions can be better after some days treatments...Read More

Creatinine 5.1 and Nephrotic Syndrome Should the Kid Undergo Dialysis

For controlling the creatinine level in nephrotic syndrome, the patients need to make clear what is nephrotic syndrome, why creatinine level goes up and which function dialysis takes. After knowing these precisely, we can answer the questio...Read More

Swelling and Protein Leakage in Nephritis Is Dialysis A Must

Swelling and protein leakage are common symptoms of nephritis, leading to life-threatening in some case. Well, is dialysis a must in nephritis when there are swelling and protein leakage? ...Read More