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How To Treat the Nephrotic Syndrome With Creatinine 5.9

To a kidney patient ,the creatinine level 5.9 means his condition is on the stage4 of renal failure. The kidney cells have been damaged badly and lost more than half renal function, and on this stage kidney can not work normally to discharg...Read More

Chinese Herbal Medicines Help Avoid The Relapse of Nephrotic Syndrome With Creatinine 2.8

It is common to see Proteinuria, Hematuria, swelling, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc. In most conditions, the symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome can be controlled by western medicine, illness conditions can be better after some days treatments...Read More

Creatinine 5.1 and Nephrotic Syndrome Should the Kid Undergo Dialysis

For controlling the creatinine level in nephrotic syndrome, the patients need to make clear what is nephrotic syndrome, why creatinine level goes up and which function dialysis takes. After knowing these precisely, we can answer the questio...Read More

Swelling and Protein Leakage in Nephritis Is Dialysis A Must

Swelling and protein leakage are common symptoms of nephritis, leading to life-threatening in some case. Well, is dialysis a must in nephritis when there are swelling and protein leakage? ...Read More

Could Creatinine 425.1 Be Lowered Without Dialysis in Nephrotic Syndrome

Once the creatinine level is high, many patients think they need to go for dialysis and finally come back to normal life with kidney transplant. But in fact, there are still other options to help the patients with fewer complications. Well,...Read More

Is Toxin-Removing Therapy Better Than Hormone to Nephrotic Syndrome

Is Toxin-Removing Therapy better than hormone to nephrotic syndrome? If you are confused by the options to treat nephrotic syndrome, welcome to chat with our Online Doctor in free. Nephrotic Syndrome. Nephrotic syndrome is characterized wit...Read More

Nephrotic Syndrome in Children Is It Fearful

Nephrotic syndrome is one of the kidney problem which can appear in children. While, is it fearful? How to treat it? Is there any cure? At the early stage of nephrotic syndrome, the patients will have serious swelling, large protein in urin...Read More

Nephrotic Syndrome with Creatinine 217 How to Improve Hemoglobin Level

Hemoglobin level shows the oxygen carrying capacity of blood. The low hemoglobin level indicates anemia what is a common symptom of so many illnesses and even leads to life-threaten. Well, how to improve hemoglobin level in nephrotic syndro...Read More

What Are Natural Medicines to Protein in Urine for Nephrotic Syndrome

Protein in urine is one of the featured symptoms of nephrotic syndrome and controlling proteinu in urine well is very beneficial for improve prognosis of this renal disease. While, how to treat protein in uirne in nephrotic syndrome? What a...Read More

Nephrotic Syndrome Is There Any Natural Method to Dispel Proteinuria

Proteinuria is one of the feature symptoms of nephrotic syndrome. However, it is easy to come back after stopping the medicines. What is worse, the medicine will lead to too much side reactions and the kidney function will be lowered more i...Read More