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Pathogenesis Of Edema From the Opinion of Traditional Chinese Medicine

To most kidney patients the edema is the typical symptom and is hard to treat.They are always suffer from it and want to find the reasonable treatment to eliminate it.Before we give you the good treatment you must get to know the pathogenes...Read More

There Are More Deficiency Occuring In Patients With Renal Insufficency

When you feel something wrong in your kidney ,that means your other organs also have damage and decrease the function of physiological action.People with qi deficiency usually have lung deficiency and spleen deficiency, limb weakness, lazin...Read More

The Symptoms Of Hematuria and Reasonable Treatment For It

To most kidney disease patient in the routine urine test they often find blood and protein in urine,why do these symptoms occur? For the damaged kidney cells and poor renal function,that is caused by the damage of kidney.Refers to the disch...Read More

What Is The Complications of The Gout

Now more and more persons have gotten gout for the improved life quality. And with the condition progressing their kidney function has been damaged and they are suffering from it painfully very much, as a doctor i want to show more complica...Read More

Protein Urine in Nephrotic Syndrome Would It Be Cured

Protein urine is a common symptom of the nephrotic syndrome and leads to many problems like hypoproteinemia, swelling and others. What is more, it appears frequently. Thereby, would it be cured? For solving this confusing issues, you need t...Read More

Nephrotic Syndrome and Swelling Is It A Critical Condition

Swelling is one of the featured characteristics of nephrotic syndrome , leading to pain, walk hard and other problem. While, is it a critical condition? What medicine is best to solve it? If there is light swelling in face or feet, do you t...Read More

Would Nephrotic Syndrome Effect the Growth Of Children

Nephrotic syndrome is considered as a group of clinical manifestations caused by the kidney problem. By the way, many issues can induce that. As it is usually found out in the childhood, would nephrotic syndrome effect the growth of childre...Read More

Why Foamy Urine Repeatedly Happens on Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Foamy urine is a feature symptoms of nephrotic syndrome. However, the patients usually suffer the repeated foamy urine. And then, why foamy urine repeatedly happens on nephrotic syndrome patients? What is the cause of foamy urine for nephro...Read More

Is There A Way to Get Protein in Urine Down with Nephrotic Syndrome

Once protein appears in the urine which means there is body problem, the patients worry about whether the nephrotic syndrome is worsened. Besides, it is hard to cure protein in urine. In this text, I am aiming at to account for that is ther...Read More

Nephrotic Syndrome and Creatinine 5 Is Dialysis A Good Option For Kids

Nephrotic syndrome is one of Chronic Kidney Diseases, in which the patients usually have trouble with proteinuria, edema, poor appetite and other symptoms. However, when the creatinine level goes up to 5 in this case, the patients will be s...Read More