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Kidneys are Functioning at 7% in Nephrotic Syndrome How Long to Live

If kidneys are functioning at 7% in Nephrotic Syndrome, how long can patient live? Still looking for an answer to this question? You can check this text to learn more....Read More

How Long after Stopping Dialysis Do You Die in Nephrotic Syndrome

For patients with Nephrotic Syndrome who are undergoing dialysis, they may wonder how long they will die after stopping the therapy....Read More

Life Expectancy of 15% Kidney Function with Nephrotic Syndrome

If you are wondering about life expectancy of 15% kidney function with Nephrotic Syndrome, you can check this article to learn more useful information....Read More

Nephrotic Syndrome Patient Goes on Dialysis Is Lifespan Shortened

If Nephrotic Syndrome patient goes on dialysis, is lifespan shortened? In this article, let’s talk about this question and find the answer here....Read More

19% Kidney Function in Nephrotic Syndrome Prognosis without Treatment

What is the prognosis of 19% kidney function in Nephrotic Syndrome without treatment? Here, let’s talk about this issue together and find the corresponding answer....Read More

The Prognosis of Nephritis Syndrome

There are huge gaps in the prognosis between different patients with Nephritis Syndrome (NS), because many factors can influence it. However, its prognosis can be predicted in some degree according to patients conditions. Minimal change nep...Read More

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