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What Things are Harmful for a Nephrotic Syndrome Patient to Ingest

Today, a nephrotic syndrome asked me about how much wine can he drink. I think some nephropathy syndrome patients do not clearly realize what is bad to their kidneys. Hence, I will list some harmful things for nephrotic syndrome patients to...Read More

Is Peanut Good for Nephrotic Syndrome Patient

Is peanut good for Nephrotic Syndrome patient ? Nutritionist said that peanut contains many kinds of nutritions, so it is very good for most of the people, but it is not suitable for patient with Nephrotic Syndrome, due to the rich protein a...Read More

Can Gluten be Associated with Nephrotic Syndrome

Gluten is a substance found in cereal grains such as wheat, it can be make into many kinds of foods and is loved by many people. But due to abundant protein in it, patients with Nephrotic Syndrome is not suit to eat it....Read More

Is Pineapple Proper for Nephrotic Syndrome

Pineapple is a common fruit in our daily life.Is it proper for Nephrotic Syndrome?Follow our descriptions and find the answers....Read More

Best Diet for Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome is a common kidney disease for people, which is characterized by proteinuria, edema , low blood protein ad high blood cholesterol. The treating of nephrotic syndrome is often combined with diet and medical treatment, and...Read More

How Much Protein Is Needed by Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

How much protein is needed by Nephrotic Syndrome patients? Nephrotic Syndrome is accompanied with large amounts of protein in urine which is clinically called proteinuria. Protein plays a crucial role for a healthy body, so with severe prot...Read More

Meal Plans for Nephrotic Syndrome

Proper meal plans can slow the progression to kidney failure, so choose what to eat is very important for kidney disease patients. Here is a meal plan for Nephrotic Syndrome. Protein needs Because patients with Nephrotic Syndrome have the s...Read More

What Is the Diet for Children with Nephrotic Syndrome

What is the diet for children with Nephrotic Syndrome? Children suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome need to be very careful about their daily diet, as foods they eat affect their illness condition directly. In reality, parents are responsible...Read More

What Kind Of Diet Does Patients With Nephrotic Syndrome Need

Diet is an ingredient which has significant influence on patients health. Appropriate diet can promote the recovery effectively, and bad choice of foods will aggravate patients condition easily. Patients with Nephritic Syndrome need a stric...Read More

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