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What to Do If Creatinine Level is 4 with Nephrotic Syndrome

After getting diagnosed of creatinine level is 4 with Nephrotic Syndrome, patients may wonder what they should do to deal with the renal disorder....Read More

Is 7.0 Creatinine Level Too High for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Once we got consulted about this question, “Is 7.0 creatinine level too high for Nephrotic Syndrome patients?” To help people who have similar inquiry, we provide detailed explanation as below....Read More

25% Kidney Function in Nephrotic Syndrome Can I Live a Normal Life

For patients who have been diagnosed of 25% kidney function in Nephrotic Syndrome, they often wonder whether they can live a normal life with this disorder. ...Read More

The Effect of Calcium and Phosphorus in Nephrotic Syndrome

Why do we do calcium, phosphorus and potassium test during Nephrotic Syndrome? Nephrotic Syndrome is a problem in kidney, but patients are usually asked to testing their calcium and phosphorus level in blood. Why is this? Test for calcium a...Read More

The Diagnosis Of Nephritis Syndrome

In the diagnosis of Nephritis Syndrome, Patient needs to have a series of examinations to make sure his real condition. And these include three aspects: patients symptoms, lab tests and other examinations. The examination of Symptoms In thi...Read More

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