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How Is Nephritic Syndrome Caused

2013-09-07 18:40

How Is Nephritis Syndrome Caused

The pathogenesis of Nephritic Syndrome mainly presents as the increase in glomerular basement membrane’ s permeability. Thereby, any ingredient that can cause this symptom may cause Nephritic Syndrome.

Nephritic Syndrome can be divided into the primary and the secondary according to its pathogenesis. The pathogenesis of the primary is not very clear at this moment, but it has been proved that it is related to immune mechanism. The secondary is related to many factors, and here is the list of them.


Bacterial infection may cause this disease, such as streptococcal infection, leprosy, syphilis, tuberculosis, and so on. Virus infection is another pattern of pathogenesis, such as cytomegalovirus, hepatitis B, HIV, etc. Parasitization can also cause the disease, and this include plasmodium, worm, filariasis, and so on.

Medicines and allergy

Medicines like organic gold and silver, penicillamine, probenecid and trimethadione, etc, may be a pathogenesis. Allergic reaction caused by pollen, vaccine, antitoxin, etc, can also lead to this disease.


Tumour in lung, stomach, mammary gland, thyroid, etc, may lead to nephritis syndrome.

Systemic diseases

Systemic diseases like SLE, dermatomyositis, anaphylactoid purpura, and so on, may cause the changes of glomeruli, and then they may lead to Nephritis Syndrome.

Hereditary diseases

These include congenital nephrotic syndrome, Alport syndrome, Fabry disease, sicklemia, and so on.


There are many other diseases which can also lead to the increase of glomerular basement membrane’ s permeability, such as eclampsia, malignant nephrosclerosis, the stenosis of renal artery, and so on.

These are the common reasons that can cause secondary nephritic syndrome, and there are huge gaps in the occurrence rate caused by them. In our country, most cases of secondary nephritic syndrome are caused by SLE, diabetic nephropathy and anaphylactoid purpura.

These are the major pathogenesises of Nephritic Syndrome. If you have any question on these, you can contact us, and we are glad to communicate with you.

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