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Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a treatment option for kidney disease patients who still have urine output. It is highly recommended as it has been proven to be able to improve kidney function.

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What is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is not a simple herb, but a medical procedure in which different Chinese herbs are used externally to improve kidney condition. Compared with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy works more effectively and quickly. More importantly, it causes no discomforts and during the whole treatment process, what patients need to do is to lie on the bed for 40 minutes.

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How is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy used?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a combination of Chinese herbs and advanced medical device-osmocope. In this herbal treatment, different herbs are used and this is closely based on patients’s illness condition. There are totally 9 types of prescription and each of them includes different herbs. The usage of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is divided into different steps:
1.The refined Chinese medicine is packed in 2 sacks and before the application, these two sacks are put in a container and soaked with penetrants. This can help the effective ingredients in Chinese herbs permeate into the skin more quickly.
2. After being soaked, sacks will be put in a plastic bag and then into the oven like machine (we have special machines heat the medicines). By heating the medicine package, effective ingredients can fully overflow.Osmoscope in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy
3.Set up the osmoscope. Each osmocope contains two electrical plates. Put these two electrical plates on the bed and then the two sacks with Chinese medicine on each electrical plate. Electrical plate in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Electrical plate without sacks
(electrical plates without sacks)
Electrical plate with sacks
(electrical plates with sacks)
4.Lie on the bed with each sack right under the kidney area. (Do not worry, the electricity will not go through the body, but it will motivate the plates and massage on the back which is very comfortable)
Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for kidney disease
5. After that, what patients need to do is to lie on the bed for 40 minutes.

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How does Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy work?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy works for kidney disease patients by performing the following functions:
1.Expanding blood vessels
Effective dilation of blood vessels not only helps to control elevated blood pressure into normal range, but also increase bloodstream in kidney which allows injured kidney intrinsic cells to get enough oxygen and nutrition from blood.
According to clinical studies, many Chronic Kidney Disease are immunologically mediated. This means that a defect in the immune system cause some type of immune protein to be deposited in the kidney, which can cause inflammation. Inflammation can directly cause damages on surrounding kidney tissues, so blocking inflammation is very essential. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has anti-inflammation and through this treatment, further kidney damages can be avoided or delayed effectively.
Owing to this function, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy shows great effects in helping kidney disease patients prevent thrombus.
Due to the invade of various harmful substances, abnormal hyperplasia and proliferation of extracellular matrix of renal intrinsic cells will occur. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help to achieve this purpose.
5.Repair injured kidney intrinsic cells
Micro-Chinese medicine is not a simple herb, but a combination of several herbs. Some effective ingredients in these herbs can activate injured kidney intrinsic cells and help them get recovered effectively through strengthening their self-curative ability and supplying them necessary nutrition.

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What are the short-term and long-term curative effects of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy?

Short-term treatment effects:- Alleviation in anemia, fatigue and poor appetite and insomnia.
- feel warm in your limbs and your face will seem ruddy
- urine volume increases and cotton-like materials can be found in urine
Long-term treatment effects:
-Serum creatinine and blood urea nitrogen level decreases
-GFR increases
-Kidney function is improved and also protein and blood in urine can be reduced effectively

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Where can we get Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an innovation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and so far has been used to treat kidney disease patients from more than 60 countries. Although it has been widely accepted by different countries and gained worldwide attention, it is only available in China now. Therefore, if you want to receive Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, I’ am afraid you need to come to China.

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