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Can I Take Laxative with Kidney Disease

Laxative is a kind of medication that can increase bowel movement and thus help to achieve the goal of treating constipation. Constipation is common among kidney disease patients, especially among these who are on peritoneal dialysis. Laxat...Read More

Prednisone Treatment for Kidney Disease

Prednisone (Deltasone) is a common drug for patients with kidney disease, especially Nephrotic Syndrome which is a kidney disorder marked by excess protein in urine. Though it is commonly used in treating kidney disease, many patients with...Read More

Contraindicated Drugs for Chronic Kidney Failure

What are the contraindicated drugs for Chronic Kidney Failure? Kidney plays an important role for a healthy life, so we need to protect our kidneys from various harms. For people who have developed Chronic Kidney Failure, their kidneys are...Read More

Aspirin for Kidney Disease

Aspirin is one common medicine in our daily life and used to treat various disorders such as cold, fever, headache, joint pain, etc. Some of these symptoms attack kidney disease patients easily. Can kidney disease patients take aspirin? Asp...Read More