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How does It Take for Rituximab to Work for FSGS

‘How does it take for rituximab to work for FSGS?’ After getting asked about this question, we provide explanation as below....Read More

Is Lisinopril Used to Treat Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3

While, is this medicine used to treat Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3?...Read More

What are the Side Effects of Iron Supplement for Low Hemoglobin in CKD

What are the side effects of iron supplement for low hemoglobin in CKD? As we know, low hemoglobin is a common complication of CKD due to the kidney damage, and patients are often recommended to take iron supplement to increase their hemogl...Read More

Losartan for People with Kidney Disease and Hypertension

Losartan is an angiotensin II receptor antagonist drug, which is mainly used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension). Nowadays, many kidney disease patients also take losartan to remedy their hypertension, then is it good for kidney dis...Read More

Will Metformin Hurt Our Kidneys

Will metformin hurt our kidneys? This is a common question for diabetes patients. As we know, diabetes is one of the most common leading causes of kidney disease, the long-term uncontrolled high blood sugar will cause finally cause kidney d...Read More

Is Linoleic Acid Bad For Your Kidneys

Linoleic acid is a fatty acid, which mainly exists in plant oil. While patients with kidney disease always have strict restriction in his diet, and they may want to know whether linoleic acid is bad for their kidney condition? Is linoleic a...Read More

The 3 Common Western Medicines to Control Protein in Urine

Proteinuria, which means loss of protein in urine, is a common symptom for kidney disease patients. Because of the kidney damage, the kidneys cant prevent the protein from leaking out into urine. Here are 4 common western medicines for kidn...Read More

Is Lisinopril Good for PKD patients

Is lisinopril good for PKD patients? This is a question from one of our patients, who have polycystic kidney disease. Lisinopril is a western drug which has the function of controlling high blood pressure. It is the third ACE inhibitor (aft...Read More

Will Topamax Cause the Decline of Kidney Function

Seizure, migraine, headache, etc, are commonly seen in kidney disease patients, while topamax can help deal with these problems. Therefore, can kidney disease take topamax? Will topamax cause the decline of kidney function? These are two qu...Read More

Can I Take Laxative with Kidney Disease

Laxative is a kind of medication that can increase bowel movement and thus help to achieve the goal of treating constipation. Constipation is common among kidney disease patients, especially among these who are on peritoneal dialysis. Laxat...Read More