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What Is the Treatment for Minimal Change Disease

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What Is the Treatment for Minimal Change DiseaseMinimal Change Disease is a kind of disease which is more likely to occur in children. It is a kind of primary glomerular disease which does not have the hyperplasia of mesangial cells, the increase of ground substance and the accumulation of immune substance. MCD presents as nephropathy syndrome in clinic. So what can we do to treat MCD? This may be a curiosity that many of us have. Here let me introduce the treatment for Minimal Change Disease.

Rest and activity:

A good bed rest is necessary for patients with Minimal Change Disease, but this does not mean, they need to avoid doing physical activities. Proper physical activities help to increase immunity and this is very beneficial for them to prevent cold and infection. Therefore, regular physical activity is suggested when patient’s illness condition become stable.

Diet treatment:

Patients with MCD usually have edema in gastrointestinal tract, which can affect their digestive function. For this reason, patients with Minimal Change Disease should eat foods that are light and easy to be digested. Also, because of edema, they need to reduce the sodium intake, as high sodium intake can increase the burden of kidney. Potassium intake and phosphorus intake also need to be limited when lab tests show high levels of potassium level and phosphorus level in the blood.


Diuretics can be used when there is severe fluid retention. Moreover, diuretics not only help to relieve swelling, but also help to control blood pressure. For patients with Minimal Change Disease, they need to be clear about their potassium level in the blood, so that they can choose the right diuretics.


Glucocorticoid shows great treatment effects in treating Minimal Change Disease. At the beginning, the dose of medicine should be sufficient, and then reduce gradually when illness condition is stable. Glucocorticoid is helpful, but it causes side effects easily. Therefore, talking with doctors about the possible side effects is very necessary before taking them.

Here is an introduction of some basic methods in treating MCD. If you have anything to ask, you can contact us, and we are willing to help you.

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