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Symptoms of Minimal Change Nephrosis

2013-09-07 18:51

Symptoms of Minimal Change NephrosisMinimal Change Nephrosis ( MCN ) is a kind of primary glomerulopathy which causes no obvious symptoms in early stage, but progress to kidney failure if no effective treatment is given. And at that time, the following symptoms will appear gradually.


Edema often is the first symptom that occurs in patients. Edema in children often appears in their face, edema in adults often appears in their lower legs. It is common to see patients with hydrocele, hydrothorax and ascites. When patients have severe hydrothorax and ascites, they are usually have symptoms like hard breathing and respiratory distress, and so on.


The function of glomerular filtration in MCN patients is damaged. So there are lots of protein can be found in patients’ urine, and they are mainly albumin. In some patients, the amount of proteinuria can reach as high as 10g per day.


The amount of plasma albumin has dramatic decline, and this is related to the loss of protein. The components of plasma albumin also have changes. For example, globulin Y, albumin, IgG and IgA will reduce, and globulin a2, IgM and IgE will increase. Because of the changes of plasma protein ingredient and blood fat, the blood sedimentation of patients has dramatic acceleration.


Patients with MCN often have metabolic disorder of lipid, the amount of plasma cholesterol and triacylglycerol will have dramatic increase. The serum presents as chyle color, and patients often have lipid urine when they have hyperlipidemia. What’s more, they may also have pseudo low sodium.

Hypertension and hypotension

The Hypoproteinemia and the decrease of valid circulating blood volume can make patients have orthostatic hypotension. But some patients may have hypertension, which is caused by the increase of angiotensin’s liveness.

In addition, there are some other symptoms, such as hematuria, which is mainly microscopic hematuria. The kidney function of patients is normal in most cases, but older patient may have renal insufficiency.

Theses are the major symptoms that patients with MCN may have, if you have any questions about it, please leave message to directly.

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