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Something About the Prognosis of Minimal Change Disease

2013-09-07 18:37

Minimal change disease (MCD) is a primary glomerular disease. In pathology it has the characteristic that the foot processes of epithelial cells fuse. MCD can recover automatically, but it also has the feature of relapsing easily. Therefore, a good management is necessary for patients to have good prognosis.

About prognosis of Minimal Change Disease

Generally speaking, the prognosis of MCD is good. The mortality was high when antibiotics and hormones have not been used to treat disease. But now, the survival rate in ten years can reach 95%. The automatical recovery rate of patients who accept common therapies can reach 15%~75%. The recurrence rate of children who get MCD before 6 years old is 5.5%, and this rate will have some decrease in adults, but adult patients who recept CTX therapy can have a lower recurrence rate.


·Patients should guarantee drinking enough water everyday, and urinate frequently. This can reduce the infection of bladder and ureter, and reduce the risk of kidney infection and kidney stone.

·Take hypotensive drugs to keep blood pressure into normal range, as persistent high blood pressure can damage blood vessels and worsen kidney condition. ACE inhibitors and

·Patients should have tests of kidney function regularly. Nearly all patients find the fact that their kidneys are damaged unconsciously.

·In their diet, patients must follow their doctor’s advice. Because right diet is so important that it can make a promotion to the recovery. On the contrary, improper diet will aggravate patient’s illness condition and make them suffer kidney failure early.

·Do exercise regularly, which is important in improving patients’ immunity. Remember to keep warm, which is beneficial to prevent infection.

· Patients need to have good rest, and change their bad habits which is harmful to their health, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and so on.

In the end, it will be our honor if our passage can help you. If you have any question about Minimal Change Disease and its prognosis, you can contact us, and we are glad to help you.

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