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What Should Patients with Minimal Change Nephrosis Eat

2013-09-07 17:59

What Should Patients with Minimal Change Nephrosis EatDiet is important to patients with kidney disease, as right diet can help to improve patient’s overall health and slow down the progression of illness. Well, what should patients with Minimal Change Nephrosis eat?

Low amount of protein intake

Excess protein intake should be avoided, because it can increase the workload of patients’ kidneys, and kidney damages may be aggravated. On the other hand, enough amount of protein should be guaranteed, because patients with MCN often have hypoproteinemia, which is caused by the severe loss of protein. Besides, high quality of protein should be provided and it can be founded in lean meat, egg white, fish and milk. How much protein is needed by MCN patients depend on their specific illness condition. You can consult our on-line doctors or leave message to for the proper protein intake for you.

Low sodium intake

Patients with Minimal Change Nephrosis often suffer from edema and high blood pressure easily, and too much intake of sodium can aggravate these symptoms, so intake of sodium should be restricted in a low level.

Low cholesterol intake

Patients with MCN often have hyperlipidemia, so the intake of cholesterol should be restricted. Foods that contain soluble fiber are helpful to reduce blood fat, such as oat and rice bran, so they should be recommended to MCN patients.

High calorie intake

High calorie intake can reduce the consumption of protein, which is helpful in avoiding hypoproteinemia and its complications.

These are some aspects that patients with MCN should care, if you are a patient of Minimal Change Nephrosis and interested in learning more detailed information about the diet, please contact us directly.

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